When You Meet The One You Were Always Meant To Be With, You’ll Know

You’ll just know.

One day, maybe in the distant future, or perhaps even sooner than that, you’re going to meet the person you were always meant to be with. And you are going to find this person without even looking for them. You won’t know that it’s them before you meet them. But the moment that you first lay eyes on each other and you utter your first words to one another, you’re going to know. It’s going to be different. It’s going to be something special. And you’re going to know. It’s not going to hit you like a slap on the face. It’s going to be a little more subtle than that. But despite the subtlety, you’re still going to be sure about it. You’re just going to no

You might meet this person on a random date that a mutual friend set up on. You might meet this person because they happened to notice that you were reading their favorite novel in a random coffee shop that you just both happened to be at together. Or perhaps you just happened to get assigned to work together on a project at the office even though you had never met before. It’s a chance encounter. It’s something that might seem like it came out of the blue. But there was nothing random about it and it’s only in hindsight that you know this. It was fate working its magical wonders on the strings that control your lives. Regardless of the venue, the manner, or the randomity of your initial meeting, something special is going to take place. There will be a certain energy in the room. There is a significant spark there that neither of you are going to be able to ignore. And in that moment, you don’t know it yet, but you’re going to remember every single detail of that encounter for the rest of your lives together.

You don’t think much of it at first. You know that there’s something special there, but you’ve been heartbroken and let down so many times before. You’ve practically taught yourself to be pessimistic about these things. You have trained yourself to be the kind of person who shouldn’t get your hopes up when it comes to these matters because you don’t want to be setting yourself up for disappointment yet again. So many times, you’ve found yourself in relationships that just didn’t work out the way that you wanted them to. You let yourself become emotionally invested in people who ended up leaving anyway almost effortlessly even. You want to stay guarded because you’re so tired of having to deal with relationships that feel like you’re the only one who’s putting in the work. You’re just so full of it. You don’t want to have your heart broken yet again, but still, you brace for it given your zero success rate in that field. You don’t want to have to bear another sad ending and you promised yourself long ago that you don’t want to put yourself through that kind of pain again.

However, when you do meet the person you were meant to be with all this time, you’re going to forget about all of your fears. This person is going to make you forget about all of your apprehensions. You are going to disregard all of your hesitations and reservations. When you meet the person you were meant to be with, a light will shine on the idea of love in your life and you are going to focus on the light to the best of your abilities. This person is going to make you feel all the emotions that you have been craving to feel for the longest time now. 

Instead of feeling alone and isolated, this person is going to make you feel like you have every tool at your disposal to gain everything that you could possibly want in life. He is going to push and support you as you work your way through your struggles and your challenges. Instead of feeling anxious about the uncertainty in your relationship, he is going to make you feel giddy and excited about the prospect of tomorrow. Instead of feeling nervous and irritable, he is going to make you feel comfortable and at ease whenever he’s around. Instead of feeling insecure and judged all the time, he is going to make you feel accepted for who you are and not just what you can offer. 

When you meet the love of your life; the person that you’re meant to be with for the rest of time, you’re going to experience a whirlwind of emotions. You will be equal parts scared and excited. But mostly, you are going to be happy. Because ultimately, that’s what love can do to us. It makes us happy. And when you reach that level of elation, then you know for sure that you’re both meant to be.

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