15 Zodiac Couples With The Best Chance For a Long-Term Relationship

Let’s be honest, we’ve all checked our horoscopes at least once whether it be randomly while flipping through a newspaper or actively searching it up online. People check their own horoscopes, people check their partner’s horoscopes and it doesn’t really mean anything big, majority of us know it’s not that accurate. They’re usually written pretty vaguely and it’s all in good fun. I know I’ve actively searched up the compatibility between a Leo and an Aries and it was greatagain, it doesn’t mean anything significant unless you’re into that kind of stuff.

My friend’s usually only care if it’s all good and if there’s any negativity in the horoscope, they don’t bother caring about it (which is a pretty good perspective to have, if I’m honest with all of you.)According to astrologists, there are some signs’ more compatible with certain signs’ than other signs’ this sounds confusing but basically there are people who believe that the month in which your born can have an effect on your personality and that’s what brings us to this article.

So here are some of the most compatible ships in the zodiac sea.(Do not break up with bae just because you both aren’t on the list)

1. Pisces and Taurus

The two signs are positioned further apart within the zodiac, resulting in more karmic ties and deeper empathy. Their union, it’s usually a happy one. Pisces tend to be more dreamy and idealistic and are brought back to reality by the more practical and down to earth nature of Taurus. They are the perfect balance. In the zodiac world, these two would be considered soul mates.

2. Aries and Libra

The two are both ruled by the planets of passion i.e. Mars, and love i.e. Venus. They’re both social butterflies and somewhat extroverted and are probably behind some of the most lit parties you’ve been to. They’re open and are the sort to be the life of the party wherever they go. Their relationship is definitely a loud and proud one filled with fluff.

3. Aries and Gemini

Fire and Air. The two signs work amazingly well together, just like their elements. They’re an optimistic pair and make the best out of situations no matter how hard the times may be. They can get through their troubles and end up with smiles on their faces regardless of the circumstances as long as they’re together. This love is passionate and you won’t find either of the two slacking off.

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4. Scorpio and Cancer

This match has ‘soul mate potential’. It’s a whirlwind romance between two highly passionate, possessive and loyal individuals. They can be pretty jealous, too, but the mutually expressive loyalty cancels it all out. They would go as far as using public displays of affection to mark their claim on each other and to keep unwanted people away from their partners like I said, they’re pretty jealous.

5. Sagittarius and Leo

This couple screams fireworks. It’s hot and fiery and the two fire signs are filled with life and ambitions. It’s like a party with just two people. They’re both dynamic and push each other to the limit in a good way, that is.

They urge each other to pursue their dreams and can be deep and have light humorous conversations without any trouble at all. It can, sometimes, be a battle for submission but there’s nothing that their strong bond can’t fix.

6. Virgo and Aquarius

These two couldn’t be more different. It’s like opposite poles of a magnet. But then again, the opposite poles of a magnet do attract each other.There’s analytical thinking by Virgo brought together with emotional thinking by Aquarius, it could bring out the best and worst out of a relationship but there’s no expectations that one will change for the other and let’s be honest, that’s sort of the cause of all fights.

Their differences bring them to respect each other and they love each other for who they are, no matter how much their thoughts on various subjects may differ.It’s a hard relationship to ignite but once ablaze, there is no stopping it.

7. Capricorn and Taurus

There’s always that one couple that sits in the corner and silently judges everyone but not in a mean way but in a you’re my best friend so I can say this to you’ way and they have these perfectly coordinated outfits and their style is on point and they just look like a power coupleAnd sitting next to them feels like you’re sitting next to royalty. You feel me? This is them, my friends. They are not necessarily royalty on their own but when the two get together, they’re adorable and they slay all in one glance. It’s like Beyonce and Jay Z, except it’s not, because well they aren’t Beyonce and Jay Z (who have totally different signs but just as an example)… moving on.

8. Pisces and Scorpio

When these two water signs get together the thirst is real, my friends. They can get it on and they’re considered soul mates in the astrological world. This couple is soft on the eyes and then, BAM. It’s like they transform into completely different people when they’re alone. It’s a laid back relationship with just enough romance and just enough respect and a little kink just a little.

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9. Gemini and Virgo

You know that friend that calls you up 3 am to talk about how a dust particle in their eye reminded them of the inevitable end of the world? Yeah, so imagine two of them, except smarter and in a relationship.It’s like a more tamed version of debate club. They’re intellectual, deep and all about talking about one little thing till they’re both satisfied. They can be stubborn about their opinions but as long as they don’t keep their feelings inside to the extent it turns into pent-up frustration, they’re relationship will be goals.

They just need to make sure to not avoid the much-needed romantic talk every now and then.

10. Aries and Capricorn

It’ll be a little hard to initiate and stabilize but once you get it started and get the flow it’s like magic. They’re partnership is pretty much unbeatable.This is one couple whose team work is so lit that trying to win against them it’ll be like trying to push down a wall with your bare hands you’ll need serious man-power. They’re unbeatable once they get their rhythm going and you’d be an idiot to mess with either of them when they’re in a relationship because their partners may not look like mob members but they can definitely act it if you pose a threat to their bae.

11. Gemini and Libra

There’s intellect, Love, compatibility, harmony and it’s just bomb. They’re both air signs and whilst Gemini loves a good argument, Libra tries to avoid arguing all together so they make it work pretty well. They do need their solo time so that Gemini doesn’t explode with a need to argue but otherwise the passion in this relationship is close to unmatchable by any other zodiac pair.

12. Aries and Sagittarius

Fire in the streets and fire in the sheets. These two are ridiculously compatible. Three words; passion, enthusiasm, and energy. They’re energetic with their love and their energy only rises as the relationship goes further. They’re fun and the couple that goes hiking all the time this is them. I don’t know how they do it either. Frankly, I don’t really want to know

13. Pisces and Cancer

Cancerian intuition and nurturing brought together with deep, emotional and passionate Pisces forms one strong bond. The two water signs are compatible and their romance is appreciated and something that everyone envies. They’re very private when it comes to their relationship, eager to keep each other to themselves.

14. Virgo and Taurus

They’re both practical and sincere and devoted to each other. This is one pair that won’t let go so if you’re in a relationship with this particular partnership think thrice before thinking of letting go.

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15. Aries & Aquarius

They’re perfect for each other knowing exactly when they need to be together and when they need their solo time. They won’t grow tired of each other because they’re insanely adventurous and this applies everywhere, outside the bedroom or inside they try new things together all the time and are basically one hell of a team. You know that couple that travels together and eats all that great food together, this is that couple.

16. Taurus and Cancer

Both these signs value each other for what they are and how they are. There’s no need for forced change because they love each other and could frankly care less. They know exactly when to complement each other and how to woo each other to keep the relationship exciting and satisfactory to both parties involved.

17. Gemini and Aquarius

Their relationship is the epitome of crazy relationships. This pair is that awkward neighbour who you just happen to see eating frog legs when you run into them on the street. They’re adventurous, fun and not afraid to try new things and are understanding when the other needs a little alone time’ because they usually feel the same.

They connect in a way that you think they MUST have known each other in a previous life because it’s just that natural and quick even if they met a week ago it seems as though they’ve known each other for years.

18. Aquarius and Gemini

The couple that finishes each other’s sentences. They can be annoying to others because PDA is their middle name but they’re great to each other. They’re psychologically connected and respect each other. They’re individualistic and can put aside their needs for their significant other.

19. Leo and Aries

This is my ship. (I mentioned it before, remember?) But this couple is fire. It is one hot relationship. Both are fire signs and it can get a little too heated at times but it’s nothing their bond can’t handle. Alright so if you’re not in this list do not worry, do not fret. It’s completely normal to not be in a common zodiac pairing. You can make it regardless of whether astrology tells you that you can.

If you’re an avid believer and actually do break up with someone based on whether or not the stars say you’re compatible, you were probably not meant to be together either way. In the end a relationship is about mutual understanding and improvisation. It doesn’t matter if you’re both Leos or Cancers or Aries or Scorpios. It matters if you love each other enough to not let that get in the way of things.

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