Why are Libras considered as the best long term partners

Libra is one of those signs that crave Beauty. From September 23rd to October 27th, it is the time period in which Libras are born. Libras are considered as the diplomats in our lives as well as the peacemakers. Here, diplomats don’t mean that they will cause harm but in fact, they act as the diplomats for the bigger good. One can easily recognize Libra by the sparkling smiles that they have as well as by the friendly gleam that they carry. They have this special element of charm which can light up any room.

They carry this warm energy and inviting nature which is quite irresistible. Anyone who gets to meet such a person would remember them for a very long time. Libras are mainly the lovers of Romantics as well as literature. It is quite hard to have a boring conversation with a Libra. Even at the most boring parties, you will find someone who is entertaining the others in a very different manner and that person would definitely be a Libra.

There are many reasons due to which Libras can be the most amazing long-term partners and those reasons include:

1. Charismatic personality

Unlike many other charismatic people, Libras have no problem by not being the centre of attention. They have this natural charisma which makes them stand out and even if they don’t stand out, they don’t have any problem with it which makes them all the more desirable.

They have an easy-going personality due to which they are liked by many people. Libras know that they have this quality which is why they are sometimes very persuasive. One has to be careful because their charisma can turn into manipulation. Because of this quality, Libras also make very good salespeople.

2. A very good eye for aesthetics

Libras are naturally very polished people. They are known to dress well and stay well. There’s a fair possibility that a Libra will have a unique sense of style as compared to all the other people around them but for some reason, that uniqueness looks good on them. Libras have a sharp knowledge of things especially clothing. Other than that they also know what things are currently in fashion and what are the things which are out of fashion.

They recognize the fact that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes which is why they have an eye that appreciates all types of beauty. There is a fair possibility that a Libra would find something beautiful in something which is hideous for others and find something hideous which may appear beautiful to others. This is yet again another quality that makes them very unique and likeable.

3. Lovable and like to be loved

If anyone is in a relationship with a Libra, they will understand the charm of being in a relationship with such a person. Libras like to praise their partners, they cherish every single moment spent with their loved one. Libras are the kind who will brag about you to family members and friends. They would love you and love you everywhere, irrespective of where you both are and who is around you.

They dislike being single because it makes them feel like they’re alone in the world. Libras are very romantic which is why they absolutely love the idea of loving someone. It is quite rare because in the current world people have started to become very individualized. Which is why it is more or less like a bonus if you find someone who likes to love you and be loved.

4. Social and flirtatious

Libras are very social. They always find time for their friends which is why one may always see a lot of people surrounding a Libra. They are deeply involved in different types of relationships and partnerships. Libras are the kind who bring people out of their shy side and make them social.

They help many people make friends and stand out in the crowd because they themselves know how to do all these things. Libras are also very flirtatious, they are naturally born with the skill of being flirtatious with people. It is important to know that their flirtatiousness is the harmless kind. They do it just for the sake of fun and not to hurt someone’s emotions.

Jealous type people should not go for a Libras because the type of fun that Libras have usually include flirting. Many of us do not like it when our partner has flirtatious nature. For some people, it’s as natural as conversing which is why making them change this trait can be a little harsh.

5. Fair and honest

Libras are very fair and honest which is yet another reason why they are very good long-term partners. Their honesty can be considered by this fact that they like to hear both sides of the story. They never come to a judgement by listening to just one side. One can also judge their fair judgement and honest nature by the fact that there are many famous lawyers who are Libras. They are the ones who are known for their Fair practices. They’re also the kind who are very sympathetic towards people.

If there are other traits in your mind which may make Libras the most suitable partners in your opinion then feel free to share them with us. We will be delighted to get your feedback.

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  1. My Libra won’t brag about me to his friends and family if they don’t like something because he likes to keep the peace, like you said. He’s a people pleaser so if they said it he’ll go with it. Worst. Quality. Ever.

  2. My partner and I are both libras and its its something to behold! Just made a year today and our son juat made 4mnths lol he was conceived . This day last year ???whoops beat thing ever! Everything said was so true!

  3. I have been with a libra for 8 years an have a 7 year old with him. I have stayed for my son an my 2 step kids that he has full custody of. He isnt honest or loyal. He cant tell the truth if it bit him in the ass. His ex wife is also a libra an acts the some way. That how we got custody for their kids. I’m a virgo an believe in loyalty and respect. I see the good in him but his ways over shadow the good. ☹

  4. Libras love to love, best quality ever. Everything u pointed out was true. We hate to be alone, but most libras find themselves single, caus they know what they want and deserve, and stands for nothing less.
    Thx for this, and keep up the good work

  5. I have had two failed marriages and have now been in a relationship with a Libra several years younger than myself and I can’t find words to explain… For 7 years he has been the most amazing wonderful person I have ever been involved with in my life… I am forever in love with this man!!! And he is everything you said and so much more

  6. My Libra is sooo loving and is also stimulates your mind with serious conversations and I am a Sagittarius woman. We have known each other since we were kids but just started dating. He told me he has loved me since then!

  7. The reply-function is not working here.
    Thats it.
    I am a libra and read some frustration in some of these comments.
    I say, if you feel something is amiss or wrong in a relationship, adress it.

  8. I’m a Libra , everything you said it’s just me and how I wish I can change from being a Libra to something that will be opposite cause people take advantage of me being a Libra

  9. I agree with alot of what has been said,But I also think that some Libras fail to be completely honest,truthful with their partner, and that’s a
    huge disappointment…

  10. Im in relationship with a libra. Everything they say about a libra my fiancee is the exact same way. He’s a great partner to have. I’m truly bless to have him in my life

  11. I am a Libra and this describes me down to a tee. Apart from the flirtatious trait- only when I’m on the liqueur does that side come out!