Why Do Men Cheat But Then When You Find Out And Try To Leave, They Beg You To Stay?

Relationships aren’t always going to be the easiest things to go through in this life. They are never roads that are paved the way that we wish them to be. And that’s just something that we’re all going to have to accept as mature adults who search for love in this world. However, just because we accept it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to have our frustrations. Just because that happens to be the truth about the ugly side of love doesn’t mean that we’re not going to have any questions about it. We are allowed to hate that side of love. And it’s okay for us to have a lot of questions about it.

For me, I have one particular question in mind. Why do men cheat on you only to beg you to stay the moment you find out about their infidelity? That’s something I just don’t get.

When you first get into a relationship with someone, it’s always such a thrilling and exciting experience. You first meet a person you share a genuine connection with and you get all of the butterflies in your tummy. Your heart feels like it’s full and it’s flying. You feel like you have a legitimate shot at making things work with this person and you’re really excited at the thought of where things are going to go. You allow yourself to become vulnerable to this man. You allow yourself to open up to this person because you know that that is what it takes to become intimate with someone in a relationship. And so the both of you go along your merry way. You are both excited at what the future might bring for the both of you. You plan out the relationship that you have together. You start to really think about how the two of you are going to make things work as you move forward in your relationship. You reaffirm your commitment and your love for one another with the little efforts that you put into the relationship every day. You are both heavily invested in the relationship and it really shows. You spend most of your time with one another you try to do so many things together. You do your best to connect with each other every single day.


And it goes really well for the most part. Your relationship feels as if it were invincible. You know that you have a serious shot at making this relationship last because of how special everything feels. It’s all different for you somehow. You might get the sense that you’re never going to have something like this ever again. And that inspires you to fight for your relationship even more. That motivates you to be the best girlfriend possible to him. You pull out all the stops. And you know that your efforts are always worth it because he is constantly giving you validation. He always shows appreciation for everything that you do to him and for the relationship. He truly values what you bring into his life and he isn’t shy about it.

But then, somewhere along the way, things begin to feel a little different. It feels like he’s drifting farther away from you. It feels like somehow, you’re losing him bit by bit. And you don’t exactly understand why. He’s acting really weird all of a sudden. He seems disinterested in the relationship somehow. He stops engaging and talking with you about everything. He doesn’t seem so responsive of your efforts to get closer to him anymore. You feel like there is a gap between the two of you that you so desperately want to bridge. But you feel lost. You start having your suspicions but you try to put them out of your mind. You tell yourself that he could never ever betray you because of the love that he has for you. And you think yourself foolish for even considering the possibility that he would ever cheat on you. But then, things don’t change in the relationship and so you decide to do a little digging.

And sure enough, you find him out. You discover that he hasn’t exactly been the most loyal or honest boyfriend after all. You find out that he’s been cheating on you. And it stings you. But you have your pride. You know that you need to hold on to your dignity. And so you decide to walk away.

But then, he begs to ask for you back? What right does he have to do so? If he really wants to be with you, then why did he cheat on you in the first place. And now that you’ve found him out, why is he so desperate to get you back?

Boys, here’s a little word of advice for you: if you don’t want to lose your girl. Don’t cheat on her.

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