Why do men fall out of love?

We always talk about falling in love, but we never discuss why someone falls out of love. Basically, the concept that we all carry or is instilled about love is that love is always going to have a happy ending. A relationship would end only if either one of the partners did not have genuine feelings for the other one.

These romantic movies and novels make us believe that no matter what happens in a relationship, no matter how wrong a person does or acts in an unacceptable manner, love will overcome everything. It doesn’t matter if a partner disrespects the other one if the one mistreated loves their companion indeed they will still make things work between them. We all try to find these romantic fiction stories in our life.

Does this happen in reality? No, this is not a practical thought. Everybody has their limits, and once they are done with their partner’s irrational behavior, they will walk away. We want to believe that love is always about happy endings, rainbows, and butterflies. However, our ego never lets us accept that the reason our relationship didn’t work out was us. It was our ignorant behavior and pathetic attitude that cost us our relationship.
Relationships are like babies, they demand attention, affection, care, love and continuous efforts.

People usually put in all their efforts in the start of a relationship and once it reaches to a stable point, they stop working towards it. Their priorities change and they neglect their relationship. This jeopardizes the relationship and often results in a bitter breakup. The thought that the person will not leave makes us take that person for granted, and in the end, they prove us that we were wrong and our bubble of overconfidence pops.

This is what makes men leave:
Like women, men also fall out of love. They are as sentimental and emotional as women. The only difference is that there are more discussions about why women leave and when a man goes it is somehow an established fact that it must be their mistake, and the girl left him. Here are some points under the spotlight which makes a man leave:

1. Being too clingy

Men do not like women who keep breathing down her partner’s neck. They do not want a partner who will have no life of their own and will not let them have their space. Men need their personal space more than women do. A woman’s world can revolve only around her man, but a man cannot do the same. He needs his social life and his freedom. A clingy woman turns into an impatient woman, and she will continuously stick around her partner. She will want to be with him at his hangouts, call and message him constantly when he is not around. No, this is not cute. So don’t fool yourself thinking this is adorable. This is harmful to your relationship, and a woman should respect her partner’s space.

2. Not feeling appreciated

It is human nature that when we do something with all our heart and work hard towards something, we need appreciation. Appreciation acts as a push which makes us do even better than we were doing before. This is also applicable to relationships as well. When a man makes all the possible efforts to keep his woman happy in a relationship he expects to be appreciated. He secretly wants to hear some kind words or some gestures that prove that his girl is satisfied with him. When a man feels unappreciated or even gets vibes of dissatisfaction from his partner, he will walk away from such a relationship.

3. Being overly dramatic

Men like their partners to be fun and energetic. Men love women who choose to stay happy and maintain their natural energy and maintain positive patterns in life. As the relationship gets older women tend to overanalyze and overthink every situation. They create problems out of nothing and create a fuss which is unnecessary. Our boyfriends often warn us about how they find us to be overly dramatic but we pay no heed to them. We continue being the overthinkers and continue to sabotage our relationship. It is important to balance the emotional and sensitive trait of our personality but when we overdo it, we unconsciously push our men far away, and in the end, they get sick of all the unnecessary drama and choose to leave.

It is very important to keep a check on ourselves. To see and understand that we can be the ones because of whom our relationship is in jeopardy. It is easy to point fingers at other, but it is tough to realize that our actions need to be corrected. Men are simple, if they will not like something they will announce it over and over again, it is us who needs to pay attention and avoid such acts which can take our relationship to a bitter end.

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