Why Girls Who Cut Their Hair Are Actually Cutting So Much More

Why Girls Who Cut Their Hair Are Actually Cutting So Much More

It is a universally accepted fact that the hair of a woman represents her beauty. We overlook the reality that most of the time, women’s hairВ represents what she thinks of herself, how high or low her self-esteem is, how confident she is with her own being, what she wants to convey to people around her, and how badly she wants a personal transformation.

Our belief that women who cut their hair do so for one reason is totally absurd. We fail to realise that length of a woman’s hair is closely linked with her emotional state. When a woman cuts her hair short, she wants us to notice more than the length of her hair.

Women will go for shorter hair length; to look and feel young, to create their own stylish look, to adopt a style that is easier to maintain, to give a clear indication of their emotional status, to challenge the sexist standards of beauty or just simply to get rid of the dead and damaged locks.

A girl or woman may choose to go for a shorter hair cut for more than one reason. Let’s find out what a girl is actually cutting off when she decides to cut off her hair.

1. She Is Cutting Off Fear

We all know that men always prefer a girl with long flowing hair. The standard of beauty has been forced-fed in their minds by society. Many women fear the rejection and displeasure of their life partner if they go for a shorter hair length.

But when a girl or a woman finally decides to cut her hair, it means she is also cutting off her fear. She has now gained the courage to be what she wants to be and is no more afraid of rejections and disapproval. She is confident that she will rock even with her short hair style.

2. She Is Cutting Off A Toxic Relationship

Emotions of a woman are very closely linked with her hair. Many women use a shorter hair cut as an alarming signal to their significant other. If the man in her life is failing as a partner, ignoring her, hurting her and making her feel low of herself; then a woman will show her rebellion in form of a new short hair cut.

If your better half comes home with a shorter hair cut one day, there might be a big reason behind this sudden change. She might want you to notice things deeper than a short hair length, she might be giving you a warning sign for your attitude towards her or it is a silent request for more understanding and consideration from your side. Her short hair is surely a sign that something is bothering her that you must find out at the earliest.

Many women cut off their hair to break away from the shackles of their past relationships. She wants to show to the world that she has had too much of that toxic relationship and now she just wants to kick-start her life all over again.

3. She Is Cutting Off The Damage

While struggling for a perfect hair-do every day, we willingly or unwillingly force our hair into a lot of damaging procedures. Hair dyeing, straightening irons, hot curling rods, hair drying, hair gels, hair sprays, teasing combs, highlights, perms, rebonding etc: at the end of the day these all things make our hair dull, damaged and dead.

At times, no hair care treatment can restore the vitality and bounce of natural hair. So, cutting them short is the only option women are left with.

A girl who goes for an instant shorter length might want to get rid of all the dry, damaged and dull looking hair. She wants to grow them back again into beautiful, long, sensual hair.

4. She Is Cutting Off The Opposite Gender

Most women, when cutting off their hair, actually want to cut off the men from their lives. They know how much men have always been falling for long hair locks. But their unpleasant and heartbreaking experiences with men urge them to simply cut off this male specie from their lives. By cutting their hair short, they are actually cutting off men from their life, their beauty, their sexiness and their love. With their hair cut off, they want to give a clear signal of displeasure and disapproval to the opposite gender.

5. She is Cutting Off The “Safety” To Find Adventure

When cutting off hair, a girl is cutting off the false illusion of the sense of safety. It shows that she is ready to accept new challenges of life. A new short hair cut symbolises that this woman is breaking free from everything that she was ever guarded with and she is now ready to embrace new adventures of life.

6. She Is Cutting Off Your Expectations Of Her

By cutting her hair into a short edgy style, a woman is really cutting off all rigid and unrealistic expectations by society, her parents, family and her friends.

She has cut off her hair into a shorter length to show she wants to cut off everything that she has been forced to live with throughout her life and now she wants to be what she really is. This new short hair style conforms to her idea of a liberated life. She is no longer willing to take anyone’s pressure to force her into a lifestyle that she won’t approve of.

7. She Is Cutting Herself Off From Societal Standards Of Beauty

The idea of feminine beauty has always been linked with long hair and flowing locks. If a woman has to come up to the societal standards of beauty, she has to have long hair. Whether it’s dyed or bleached, wildly red, blonde or dark; hair should be long in length to make a lady attractive, sexual and beautiful.

When a girl decides to cut off her hair, she is simply going against norms of a society. Whatever the reason behind this move, she knows that she is challenging the societal standards of beauty.

8. She Is Cutting Off Beauty To Tap Into Style

Every girl is aware of the fact that most men and other women prefer long hair on a woman, if she is still going for a short hair cut, she is actually opposing their criteria of beauty.

Many women who go for shorter hair styles believe that they are adding sexiness in their style. With short hair, women expose their physique (neck, facial features, and shoulders) and add style in their persona by highlighting these seductive body parts.

9. She Is Cutting Off Extra Hours Of Maintenance

It is a known fact that long hair demand more maintenance. Every day, you have to put in extra effort for shampooing, conditioning, washing, hair drying, combing and styling of long hair.

When a girl decides to cut her hair short, she chooses to have more free time. She wants to break free from those long hours when she remains tangled with her long locks. She wants more free time; to explore life, to fall in love, to seek adventure, to pursue her career, to relax and to enjoy life.

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