Why Hundreds Are Urging This Young Woman to ‘RUN’ After Seeing the Red Flag Texts Sent by Her ‘Unhinged’ Male Friend

A young woman had to block a new “friend” who sent her a series of offensive and unwanted messages.

The 23-year-old US resident said that a 24-year-old guy joined her group of friends three months ago and initially seemed great, but things went wrong when they both attended a group dinner.

“I’m typically quiet and reserved, which bothers him a lot for some reason,” she shared in a direct two-part Reddit post. “A few of us went to have dinner and he started joking that I don’t like him. Everyone turned to me and asked if that’s true, and I said of course not.”

That evening, he sent her several offensive messages, not only insulting her but also people with autism. He started by saying he ‘doesn’t understand’ her, then out of the blue called her an ‘autistic frigid b****’.

He bragged about his looks, claiming he’s “better looking and more successful than 90 percent of men.” The following day, he persisted in his outburst, possibly provoked by the woman’s disinterest in pursuing a relationship with him.

“Please, I know you hear it all the time but you’re very pretty. I know you when you’re not acting like an autistic frigid b****, respectfully,” he texted the woman who chose not to reveal her name.

“You’ve been single all this time, it’s extremely suspicious actually. Why would a girl like you be single? What are you hiding?” he asked her.

“I don’t understand what you want in all honesty,” the woman replied.

The guy persisted, claiming he could improve her life ‘ten times more than it is now.’

“And I’m what you want in a guy, correct?” he asked directly, then became furious when he was turned down. “You’re joking. You’re performing. You’re putting on an act to ‘teach me a lesson’ or something stupid. I don’t for a second believe you.”

“I showed all of these texts in the group chat I have with the girls and they all agree he’s crazy. They all texted him to leave me alone and he was uninvited from my friends housewarming party,” the woman shared.

She added, “I’m not sure how this is going to unfold, but at least they’re sick of his sh*t too. He’s so obnoxious and delusional. I blocked this clown. Is it just me or does he sound borderline insane?”

Fellow Redditors described the young man as ‘unhinged’ and ‘erratic’, some also cautioned the young woman to steer clear and be cautious.

“He seems to be mad that you’re not throwing yourself at him. He seems like he’s full of himself,” one commented under her post.

“What a catch! So humble,” another said sarcastically.

Meanwhile, a third added, “Be careful, this guy is giving off severe red flags. Please make sure you’re never alone with him, I’m glad you’ve shown everyone these messages. It’s just progressively getting worse!”

“I can’t get over how great your responses are!” someone wrote.

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Source: Reddit

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