‘Why I won’t stop calling out powerful men like Leonardo DiCaprio for dating teenagers’

Katherine Ryan vows to call out Leonardo DiCaprio and James Argent ‘gross’ for dating younger women.

In the latest interview with Daily Mail, the Canadian comedian said it’s extremely weird and gross for powerful men like Leo and James to date teenagers and women way younger than them.

“I don’t care at all about backlash or cancel culture. I do care about hurting people’s feelings, believe it or not,” she said.

“I know that James Argent has had some rough times, and I don’t want to heap criticism on someone who’s vulnerable”

Ryan, who’s made several videos and tweets against Argent and DiCaprio for their habit of dating women half their age, said she has become the poster woman for rallying against grown men who date teenagers.

She shared a video on her Instagram stories and blasted the TOWIE star, 34, for dating an 18-year-old actress, Stella Turian.

According to Daily Mail, “James and Stella have been together for over eight months after meeting at a wedding in Mykonos last year. They’re in a long-distance relationship because Stella, who’s 16 years Arg’s junior, lives in her native Italy while James resides in Buckhurst Hill, Essex.”

Taking to her Insta story, she uploaded a video with her daughter, Fenna Grace, and made an unimpressed face toward the camera.

“Me – a mother – finding out a 35 Towie star has an 18-year-old girlfriend.”

She also labeled DiCaprio “creepy” for his rumored romance with the Jewish model, Eden Polani.

“But at the end of the day, I have somehow become the poster woman for rallying against grown men, powerful men, famous men dating teenagers. I didn’t choose that life – that life chose me,” she told Daily Mail.

“I don’t think it’s controversial to say that’s gross or weird and I’m very happy to continue beating that drum for as long as it takes.”

The National Comedy Award holder comic continued, “And I’m not speaking to the men, because that’s who I get the backlash from, I get all these men in my messages going, “Oh sorry he’d rather date a Ferrari than an old banger and he doesn’t want you”, like I would ever give them the time of day!”

She added that despite so many people finding this age difference attractive, she believes it’s problematic.

“But I’m not speaking to the men at all because I understand that there are a lot of people that find that age group attractive – I’m not going to solve that problem. I’m speaking to the young women because I happen to have the ear of a lot of teenage girls and young women.”

“I look out at my audience, and I have people my age, I have couples but I also have a lot of teenagers so even if one of them hears what I’m saying and goes, “Ew maybe that man is interested in me because he wants to boss me around or because women his age don’t talk to him, maybe I will give that a miss.” She added, “I’m basically Leonardo DiCaprio trying to get to as many young women as I can.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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