Why It’s Always A Good Idea To Be With The Sensitive Girl

There’s no denying that she’s a sensitive girl but there’s also no denying that that’s what makes her so amazing. 

She is the kind of girl who would lash out at you when you don’t reply to her messages right away. She would unleash a wrath so big upon you, you will find yourself questioning why you ever agreed to being in a relationship with her in the first place all because you chose to respond to her at a later time than usual. And she has lashed out on you before for a variety of reasons. She tends to be really extra that way.

She is the type of girl who is going to get extremely upset whenever you blow her off without giving any due notice. She invests a lot of her emotions into the plans that you make with each other and she can be very violent whenever things don’t turn out as planned. She hates it whenever she gets her hopes up only to end up being disappointed. And of course, she isn’t going to let you off easily. She’s going to make sure that you feel her disappointment.

She goes absolutely berserk whenever you get hot and cold with your flirtatious self. She wants you to be consistently all over her. She wants you to always have to work for her love. She hates it whenever you get complacent and passive. She wants you to be mentally and physically present in her life at all times. She hates inconsistency like it’s the plague. She is going to call you out whenever you tell her that you miss her; only to add that you’re too caught up for you to be able to see her. She’s not afraid of putting you in your place.

A lot of guys, and maybe yourself included, may think that it’s unreasonable for her to act the way that she does. Maybe you think that she doesn’t always have to go off on you in such an intense and outrageous manner. Maybe you think that your words and actions aren’t really significant enough to warrant such over-the-top reactions. If you do think like that, then it just goes to show how you prioritize her in your life. It goes to show just little a role she plays in the story of your universe.

She often gets labeled of being overly sensitive. She is often accused of putting too much meaning into seemingly simple situations. She is always branded as someone who is too emotional; someone who can’t navigate her way through her own feelings. But that’s not necessarily true. She’s just incredibly attuned with her own emotions. And she also doesn’t have any problems when it comes to expressing how she really feels about something. She doesn’t want to censor herself for the convenience of others. She doesn’t like to keep anything bottled up inside and you shouldn’t fault her for that.

She is the type of girl who analyzes every single thing that you say or do. She does this because she knows that every word and every action is indicative of how you truly feel about her. She wants to know whether you take the relationship as seriously as she does. She wants to know just how much of yourself you are willing to invest into this romance because she has invested her entire heart into it. She wants to know if you are going to be the type of person who is worth fighting for or if she should just cut her losses and find someone new. She wants to know if you’re going to treat her like the pearl that she is. She wants to know if you are going to love her the way that she wants to be loved. 

A lot of people are going to have plenty of negative things to say about her. There will be a multitude of reasons as to why dating her would be a bad idea. But you should confide yourself in the truth. You should comfort yourself knowing that she is a great girl and she is always worth holding on to. Yes, she may have some of her quirks and your patience may be wearing thin. But at the end of the day, this sensitive and emotional girl is going to love you with all your heart; she is always going to put your needs ahead of her own. She is always going to open herself up to you so as long as you’re willing to trust her.

She hears all of the chatter. She hears all of the noise surrounding the relationship, but she doesn’t pay it any attention. She always puts you front and center. You are always the priority. Your opinion is the only one that matters to her and that’s always worth something. She is going to try her absolute best to bring happiness and joy into your life and you should never take that for granted. 

There’s no denying that she’s a sensitive girl but there’s also no denying that that’s what makes her so amazing. 

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