Why Rihanna Didn’t Get Paid for her Jaw-Dropping Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

The pop star turned beauty mogul didn’t get a single penny for her amazing Super Bowl 2023 halftime performance.

Rihanna made a highly anticipated return to the stage with a performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday.

The Feb 12th event marked her first performance in over five years and was a spectacle to behold. The nine-time Grammy winner kept her promise to represent all eras of her musical career, calling the halftime show a celebration of her entire catalog during an earlier press conference at Apple Music.

The 34-year-old Barbadian singer put on an amazing performance in front of a worldwide audience of millions at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, where the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs were competing.

This marks her first appearance on live television since 2018 when she teamed up with DJ Khaled to sing “Wild Thoughts” at the Grammy Awards.

Rihanna kicked off the performance while suspended high above the stage on a platform, singing her hit song “B**** Better Have My Money.” She was sporting a loose-fitting scarlet jumpsuit that hid her figure and was loosely secured on her.

Rihanna stepped out in style, sporting a suit paired with a bold pair of red sneakers. She took the stage, surrounded by a troupe of white-clad dancers, as the platform she was standing on descended towards the crowd.

The pop star kept her choreography simple, allowing her backup dancers to take the lead, as she ran through a set of 12 hit songs. The audience erupted as she transitioned into “Where Have You Been,” followed by her smash hit “Only Girl (In The World)”.

Her performance continued with crowd-pleasers like “We Found Love,” “Rude Boy,” and “Work,” although her collaborator Drake was not present for the latter. She also performed “Wild Thoughts” and “Pour It Up.”

RiRi made some bold song choices, including a snippet of her verse from Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights,” as well as a performance of part of Jay-Z’s “Run This Town,” which originally featured West. West, however, has faced controversy for making anti-Semitic comments, including reportedly praising Adolf Hitler.

The singer brought her set to a close with a dynamic finale of “Umbrella” and “Diamonds.”

This show marked Rihanna’s first performance since the birth of her first child in May of 2022, whom she shares with her partner, rapper A$AP Rocky, of three years.

The singer was motivated to take on the challenge after becoming a mother, stating, “When you become a mom, something changes, and you feel like you can conquer the world and do anything,” she told reporters in Phoenix on Thursday.

During the performance, Rihanna’s attire, cautious strides, and noticeable belly sparked widespread speculation on the internet. And, within an hour, a spokesperson confirmed that she is indeed expecting her second child.

Now, if you’re wondering if the Work, work, work singer was paid for her electrifying performance at the big game on February 12 – she didn’t and she won’t!

Yes, you read it right, Rihanna won’t receive any money for her performance from the NFL.

“We do not pay the artists,” NFL spokesperson Joanna Hunter told Forbes in 2016. “We cover expenses and production costs.”

According to the magazine, “It’s not an insignificant outlay. When Beyoncé first performed at the Super Bowl–for free–in 2013, sources told FORBES that the total production cost was about $600,000. More recently, some reports have put that number as high as $10 million (which seems high, given that top stadium concerts gross around $5 million).”

“Either way, the halftime show serves as a a free commercial for headlining acts, one that airs in front of more than 100 million people.”

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Source: Forbes

  1. Her performance wasn’t that great anyway, didn’t even like her grabbing her crotch, and it wasn’t music for all ages

  2. Didn’t need the Michael Jackson touching yourself cause you killed it. Your talent speaks for itself. Love the music, dancers and choreography.

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