Why Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss May Have Been Depressed, According To A Friend

It’s been two weeks since the tragic passing of the freestyle hip-hop dancer, choreographer, actor, producer, and DJ Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss.

He was found dead in his hotel room in Los Angeles. The autopsy report revealed that the famous DJ committed suicide.

“In a statement to PEOPLE, county officials confirm that the 40-year-old professional dancer died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. His death occurred on Tuesday at a motel in the Encino area of Los Angeles.”

“The case is now closed, per the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner.”

The 40-year-old dancer and choreographer was found dead in the bathroom of his hotel room when a maid entered his room for cleaning.

The hotel management said they didn’t hear a gunshot or any other noise whatsoever. However, the LA County Coroner confirmed that the Magic Mike XXL star died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

“The manager said no visible suicide note was left, but tWitch did have a small bag with him when he arrived at the motel, which was found in his room at the time of his death,” per RadarOnline.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ the police discovered Boss left a note in the motel room, where he also set his phone on airplane mode so nobody could contact him.

His suicide note allegedly contains an ambiguous message where he tried to pen his life challenges, but it’s unclear what exactly he was referring to.

Following the tragedy, many people have expressed their grief and some even shared their theories about the reason behind Stephen’s suicide.

The most agreed-upon theory that has been shared by a few people close to tWitch is that the So You Think You Can Dance alum was depressed because of financial problems.

Earlier American actor and choreographer Columbus Short shared on his Instagram that the Magic Mike XXL alum may have lost all his life savings.

“RIP tWitch,” he said. “People made investments, people do a lot of things — this is just a theory. What if you invested something that took your whole life savings, possibly? … It gets rough.”

“You guys don’t know what people are going through … People are awful … tWitch was amazing, is amazing still — his legacy shall live on.”

Although, a source close to Boss rejected this claim and said there’s absolutely no truth to Short’s allegations.

But then another friend of the DJ came forward and said Boss was upset because of the cancelation of The Ellen Show.

DJ Boof, who rose to fame from The Wendy Williams Show, told The Sun he and Boss were connected through social media, and they also remained in touch after the cancellation of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I wish I was closer to him. I could have told him, ‘I know what you’re going through because I’ve been through that. Yeah, it’s a tough time, trust me, I understand,’” he said.

“I reached out to him after the Ellen show ended, just to show my support because I know what it feels like to be at a talk show for years and then to have that disappear.”

Boof added, “We were the only ones to be a DJ at a successful talk show. I don’t know what the reason is for why he is not around- but sometimes you wish you had a closer relationship with someone if you think you may be in a position to offer support.”

DJ Boof further said that he would have loved the opportunity to collaborate with Boss.

“When you and somebody else are in the same line of work, you can bounce ideas off each other, and in our line of work- there were only two: me and him.”

He told The Sun that after the cancellation of his The Wendy Williams Show, he remained in pain and denial for several months.

“When I left the Wendy Show I was depressed and I was hurt.”

Boof said that although he isn’t 100% sure if that was the reason behind Boss’s depression and mental health issues, he knows the late DJ was excited after his promotion as co-executive producer of the show.

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