Why you are still single based on your birth order

Birth order matters a lot in shaping your personality. You often think why you behave a certain way even though the situation is different every time. It is because of the way you were raised based on your birth order:

The first-born:

The first-born is the most pampered of all. He gets all the attention of his parents and immediate family and ultimately everything around them somehow relates to them. Everything should happen exactly the way you want and you start expecting too much from others. The reason why you are still single being the first-born is because everything around you is all about you. You have low regard for other’s preferences and choices and want everything to happen your way.

You do not like when someone tries to be assertive and are only comfortable when you get to make the decisions. You need to realize that when you are dating someone or when you are looking for a life partner you need to be less self-centered and more open towards other’s ideas as well.

Two people who are first-born can never last a very long relationship so either be a little more tolerant towards others or find someone who is less stubborn and listens to you more. – Continue reading on next page

The middle child:

Stuck between the eldest and the youngest, the middle child can never get things to turn his way. Being a middle child means you have no voice and as the time passes you start bottling things inside of you.

This makes you a little calmer than others but it can also damage you because once your patience runs out you will take it out on anyone who comes near you in the worst way possible. So try to find your voice and look for someone who listens to you and makes you feel important. Keeping things to yourself and not opening up can heavily damage your personality and you will never be able to go up to someone and ask them out.

It is important for you to consider yourself significant and trusting yourself to find the best for you. Having a carefree attitude and act like nothing matters is probably why you are still single.

The youngest:

You hate monotony and this is why you are afraid to commit to one person. You have too much to explore and see and travel that you think you have absolutely no time to sit around and listen to someone.

You are single because you have always gotten everything your way and you are afraid that for once you might actually have to do something for someone else as well which is as hard for you as leaving all your adventures. You need to realize that at one point you have to sit still for a while and figure out why you are still single. Why cannot you put up with someone?

Why cannot you find someone who cares for you and who you care for? This all seems like too much responsibility to you for which you might never be ready but it will indirectly damage you and in the end you might end up alone because no one is going to stick around for someone who does not care enough.В – Continue reading on next page


Identical or non-identical, twins always need to find someone who can just read them without having to tell anything. You are single because you expect too much from others that they will understand everything that you want without actually having to tell them just like your twin.

But that cannot happen. Everybody is not like your twin and can never be. You can never have the kind of connection with anybody that you have with your twin so stop searching. Instead of that find someone with whom you can easily share your ideas and open up. Tell them what you want and like instead of expecting them to magically get it by just looking at you.

Try to have lesser expectations and higher positive attitude towards others. People will like you better when you open up instead of being the unobtainable which hardly ever works. Tell yourself what you want and then look for it. You never know that it is right in front you but you are too ignorant to see it.

The only child:

The illusion of uniqueness, only child can hardly ever see beyond himself. He always gets that special treatment that is just for him and this makes him feel like he is something super special and deserves more than others.

You have a hard time taking blame for something and you cannot tolerate if something is not manageable by you. You will end up with someone only when you realize that other’s needs are important too and others need to be taken care of as well. The world is not just about you and everybody deserves an equal amount of happiness.

You have to let the other person love you the way they want and you have to understand that sometimes everything is not about yourself only. Sometimes it is better to get happy in someone else’s happiness and when you will learn how to make someone else happy is when you will be ready to get into a relationship.

Check your birth order and avoid all wrong things that you are doing and you might actually end up in a beautiful relationship.

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