Wife Appalled to Learn that Her Husband Is a Woman After Ten Months of Marriage

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A wife has claimed that her husband is a ‘female.’

Recently a woman from Indonesia who has not been named (according to the local media) has stated that the man she has been married to for the last ten months is not actually a man, but he is a ‘woman.’

“I’m still scared. I’m shaking when I go out.” She told the TRIBUNnews.  

Now, as absurd as it sounds, the woman who has only been named NA told the outlet that she met her husband online through a dating app.

She said he went by the name Ahnaf Arrafif and claimed to be a doctor.

“He told me he was a neurologist and graduated from a university in New York.”

NA said when they started talking on the dating app, Ahnaf pursued her, and she really liked him, so they got into a relationship. After some time, they also met in person, and she liked him even more.

In May 2021, Ahnaf also came to her hometown Jambi to stay with her family and care for her unwell parents.

She said her parents liked her as well, and soon he proposed to her and asked her parents for their blessings.

“My parents liked him; everybody liked him. He appeared to be a properly handsome man with looks and personality, and he was a doctor. There was nothing to say no to.” Said NA.

So the two tied the knot in July 2021. NA also admitted that they had an intimate relationship except for the fact that she never saw him without clothes.

She also shared that he never introduced his family or went to work despite claiming he was a qualified doctor.

After their marriage, Ahnaf moved in with NA and her family, and everyone noticed that something about him was ‘off.’ NA’s mother started noticing suspicious things about him and became conscious.

According to TRIBUNnews, the mother noticed that he would never go to work and kept asking for money from NA. Also, he would be very over-cautious in the presence of their whole family.

NA also stated that Arrafif would never take off his clothes, and he even bathed with clothes. She said it was bizarre and became skeptical about many things.

“He even had these lumps on his chest like women, he would never remove any of his clothes, or he never undressed in front of me even when we got intimate; I never saw him with nothing on.”

Eventually, NA asked her mother to do something about it because she was not feeling good about Ahnaf, so her mother confronted him and asked him to remove his clothes so they could be sure of his gender.

“And there came the truth; he said he was not a ‘man,’ can you believe it? He was standing there right in front of me and my mother and saying that he was in fact, a ‘woman’ and his name was Erayani. He also lied about his job, he was obviously not a doctor.”

After that shocking revelation, NA contacted the Jambi Police and later sued Ahnaf for fraud.

The Police have taken Arrafif’s statement and submitted it to the Jambi court in which ‘she’ also admitted that she tricked NA by using her hands during their intimate times.

Currently, Ahnaf, or should we say Erayani, is facing a court trial, and she would likely be convicted of fraud charges.

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  1. Ok so what exactly are they suing him/her for?? They mentioned fraud, but the only fraudulent part would be not telling the truth or stating their true identity. They made the decision to marry, him/her asking for money well that’s what happens between two partners they sometimes lend one another money. You would think when she noticed he/her had lumps on their chest like a woman would make you open your eyes.. Also the fact of never seeing him/her naked and showing with clothes on would definitely be a red flag. Moral of story: know who your dating seeing and it sleeping with, meeting people on the Internet well you never know who you are meeting exactly.

  2. Sorry but this is NAs fault for not researching a potential partner. I’m at not saying that her wife is not to blame but seriously why wouldn’t you check out your partner entirely. I have a horrible body but I want him to know what I look like so he is not taken back later. I googled everything. Sorry this happened to her but wake up.

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