Wife Draws Circles Around Husband’s Moles to Show His Dermatologist

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True love goes above and beyond; it includes health and wellness at its core. This young couple defines how love is the most valid form of healing and growing. Brinlee & Ryan Miles are both in their early 20s, they’re married, and their love goes beyond the basics.

Ryan has a family history of Cancer and regularly goes to his Dermatologist for checkups. His wife, Brinlee, decided to draw circles around his moles for the doctor to see and check. The doctor, in turn, drew notes of his own over Brinlee’s circles to tell her about the medical conditions behind the moles and their recovery/procedures.

The young couple shares their life on TikTok, where they get an enormous amount of love and support from their followers for being so caring with each other. The video where she’s talking about Ryan’s moles has gained more than 11 million views.

While speaking to BuzzFeed, Brinlee said:

“We had been watching some spots on him previously, so I had just circled the ones we were worried about to see if the doctor was concerned about those spots as well…especially the ones on his back that he couldn’t see very well to point out.”

It turned out that one of the moles was actually cancerous, she continued:

“the [mole] on his chest contained cancer cells in the early stages and needs to be removed soon,

“The one they took from his back looks good, but they still wanted to keep an eye on it to make sure nothing changes.

You can never be sure with an illness like cancer; it is always best to stay on your guard and try your best to fight it in every possible way. We wish the lovely young couple more health and happiness in their journey and hope Ryan becomes cancer-free!


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