William Shatner, 92, Confirms He Doesn’t Have ‘Long’ to Live

Star Trek legend William Shatner said he has made a documentary, ‘You Can Call Me Bill’ about his life as he doesn’t have long to live and wanted to create something to reach out to his grandchildren after his death.

Shatner was born in March 1931 in Canada and had a fulfilling career in acting spanning over seven decades. He appeared in several top-charting Hollywood projects, including Star Trek, Boston Legal, Weird or What? Over the Hedge, Kingdom of the Spiders, Gunsmoke, The Captains, TekWar, The Intruder, and White Comanche.

In March 2023, William Shatner spoke to Variety for an interview and admitted that he wouldn’t live long enough to see his grandchildren grow up.

“I’ve turned down a lot of offers to do documentaries before. But I don’t have long to live,” he said. “Whether I keel over as I’m speaking to you or 10 years from now, my time is limited, so that’s very much a factor. I’ve got grandchildren. This documentary is a way of reaching out after I die.”

The legendary actor is a doting father to three beautiful daughters, Leslie, 64, Lisabeth, 61, and Melanie, 58. He shares his daughters with his first wife, Gloria Rand, whom he married in 1956.

In 2014, William spoke to The Guardian and said his grandkids are the greatest joy of his life.

“Being a grandparent is the greatest joy for me. I have the time now to grab a grandchild and talk, and hug and kiss them and make sure that I’m taking time to be with them and to give them some aspect of the things I’ve learned,” he told the outlet.

“Family life is totally encompassing. I see my daughters every weekend. And we go off on holidays together — everything from skiing to snorkeling.”

The Boston Legal star married four times – In 1969, Shatner divorced his first wife, Rand, and moved on to marry Marcy Lafferty. The couple was married for almost 23 years, from 1973 to 1996.

After parting ways with Marcy, William tied the knot with Nerine Kidd in 1997. Their relationship lasted for less than two years, and in 1999, they ended their marriage. His fourth marriage was with Elizabeth Shatner. The couple exchanged vows in 2001 and divorced in 2020.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the 92-year-old actor reconciled his relationship with her ex-wife, Elizabeth, after a bitter divorce.

“William Shatner has boldly gone back to his ex-wife, three years after he handed her $2million in a divorce deal. The Star Trek icon has rekindled his relationship with Elizabeth Martin, 64, admitting she is the critical factor in his burning passion for life,” The Mirror reported in January.

The pair were spotted hand-in-hand at the Living Legends of Aviation Awards in January hosted by John Travolta. They also made a stunning red carpet appearance together.

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