Woman, 28, Whose Husband Died of a Drug Overdose, Reveals She is Now Dating his Brother

A woman whose husband died of a drug overdose in 2016 has since been dating his brother despite her mother-in-law telling her that her late husband would not like it.

Kaitlin Norton, a 28-year-old woman from New Hampshire, revealed her story in a recent episode of Truly’s My Extraordinary Family.

It’s been over six years since the passing of Kaitlin’s husband, Aaron – the couple tied the knot in 2012 and stayed together for four years until Aaron’s tragic passing in 2016.

According to Kaitlin, after his death, she found comfort with his brother, Rory, who cared for and helped her in her tough times.

Kaitlin and Rory have been together for seven years now and welcomed two children together – daughters Presley, 5, and Madeline, 4. They are also parents to two other kids they both have from their previous relationships.

Rory has one son, Rory III, from his previous relationship, who is 12 now, and Kaitlin also shared one son, Camden, 9, with her former partner and Rory’s younger brother, Aaron.

“First we were kind of both hesitant on letting our relationship be known to our families. We didn’t want them thinking that we didn’t care about Aaron,” said Rory.

Kaitlin first met Aaron in elementary school, and they began dating after she turned 18.

“When Aaron and I first got together, we abused prescription drugs together, and then when I got pregnant, we both stopped,” Kaitlin explained. “Then after like when Camden was six months old, we started using pills again.”

The mum-of-four said she and Aaron moved on to harder drugs and began fighting a lot. Sometimes they would fight so much, it felt like they were different people when high on drugs.

“It was really not healthy,” she said. Meanwhile, Rory added that he didn’t like Kaitlin when she and his brother were together.

“While we were using, our personalities changed so fast, and the things that we did were so out of character for ourselves,” Kaitlin said while admitting she and Aaron started stealing in 2015 because they didn’t have enough money to buy the drugs.

In 2016, Kaitlin entered rehab to get rid of her drug addiction, but Aaron kept using it. One day, Kaitlin was told Aaron passed away due to an overdose.

“I know that I did what I had to do to protect my own sobriety but it has been hard to deal with the survivor skills of that,” she said. “Rory actually called me and it was so weird, I wasn’t expecting his voice to remind me of Aaron so much, it was such comfort.”

According to Rory, when he had a conversation with Kate after his brother’s death, he came across a very different side of her that he had never seen before.

As for how they began dating, Kaitlin said Rory used to visit her and Camden on weekends to check on them, and gradually, they started developing feelings for each other.

The couple has been together since 2016 and is very happy today with their four children.

Speaking on the episode, Aaron and Rory’s mother said when she found out about Rory dating Kaitlin, initially she was baffled and found it weird.

“My first thought was, “How would Aaron feel” and I knew he would not like it at all. He would not be happy. But once I looked at it the way [Rory] was looking at it… you can’t help who you have feelings for,” she said. “It’s not my determination who my kids are with.”

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Source: Truly on YouTube

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