Woman, 70, Says Husband of 48 Years Keeps Disappearing to Thailand

In a shocking revelation on a Dear Deidre segment of This Morning, a 70-year-old woman known as “Julie” disclosed her husband’s mysterious disappearances to Thailand and hefty monthly expenditures, leaving viewers intrigued and concerned.

Presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby seemed surprised when they heard the strange story during the Dear Deidre phone-in session.

Julie also shared that her husband is quite secretive about who is receiving the money and brushes off her concerns by stating that it’s ‘none of her business.’

“It’s normally on a Wednesday night he goes. I just come home, there’s no note, nothing, passport, gone, clothes gone,” the woman said. “I’m 70 now…I just don’t know what to do…I’m thinking, how long have I got?”

Deidre firmly advised the caller not to tolerate this situation any longer, condemning the husband’s actions as “appalling.”

“Of course, what your husband is doing is your concern, funneling out hundreds of pounds of family income – that is terrible,” she told the caller.

Although Julie clarified that the money isn’t withdrawn from a shared account, their financial circumstances remain unclear. Meanwhile, Schofield was appalled by the situation, criticizing what he saw as obvious cheating.

“He’s got someone else,” he told Julie. “He’s going to Thailand to see someone else – male or female.”

“Or several people,” Sanders added.

Twitter users were just as shocked by Julie’s story, with many advising her to “change the locks” or “consult a solicitor.” Some even suggested seeking support from friends and family or contacting a counselor for guidance through this challenging situation.

“I think we know why he’s going to Thailand, Julie,” one wrote.

“It might be difficult at 70, but my God, Julie. Locks changed next time he’s away. He’s an absolute d**k,” a second user commented.

“Leave him now, Julie. He is definitely cheating on you, and you should not tolerate his lies and deceit anymore,” said another.

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Sources: This Morning on YouTube

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