Woman Accidentally Films Affair and Tells Husband It Was with her ‘Brother’

Recently a video of a woman who accidentally filmed her affair with a man went viral in which she told her husband the mystery man was her ‘brother.’

Rebecca Zemek, who appeared in Married At First Sight’s season eight with her partner, Jake Edwards, was caught having an affair with another man, shocking her colleagues.

In a resurfaced TikTok clip, Zemek was seen sitting with her ex-husband, Jake, and the other contestants during the season finale episode when expert John Aiken opened a segment asking Zemek for an explanation.

Aiken started by explaining that towards the end of her experiment, Rebecca had to make a mercy dash back to Perth to care for her sick dog and added ‘something’ about it ‘needed explanation.’

Then everyone in the room was shown footage in which Zemek gave an update about her dog’s condition before adding that Jake was doing okay without her.

The video then showed Rebecca hugging her dog and putting the phone down, assuming she had stopped recording. However, the recording didn’t stop, and the clip then showed a ‘mystery man’ approaching Zemek.

The contestants also heard Zemek kissing the man in the video, which became blurry at that point.

As the video played towards its end and everyone heard the ‘passionate kissing’ noises, everyone was shocked and wondered who the ‘mystery man’ was, if not Edward.

“Who was that?” Aiken asked Rebecca.

“That was my brother,” she said after looking at her husband, Jake, who looked shocked himself.

“I don’t kiss my brother like that,” said one of the contestants.

Zemek replied, “It wasn’t, like, sexual.”

But her ‘explanation’ obviously didn’t convince anyone about her being truthful in that moment.

“Yeah, I was at home. It’s like you kiss your friends,” she explained further.

Her husband, Jake, then asked to replay the video claiming he knew exactly what her brother looked like.

“I know what her brother looks like,” he said, looking visibly appalled.

When everyone watched the video for the second time, one of the participants commented, “That’s a definite pash on the lips. It’s literally there.”

“Bec, are you kidding me? That is not a brother.” Said another.

The viral clip has been viewed by over 14 million people on TikTok and received more than 7,000 comments.

“That was my brother” damn, that didn’t help at all,” one wrote.

“Need to speak to her brother,” a second said.

“Even the dog knows what she’s doing is wrong..&her face gave her away that that was def not her brother..” a third added.

“I’m concerned about her relationship with her brother,” someone joked.

“That was my brother!” *sweet home Alabama starts playing in the background* that your final answer lady?” another said.

“why is it the australian versions of reality tv shows are always the best with so much drama,” commented another.

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Sources: TikTok

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