Woman Asks TikTok For Help Finding a Man She Met, Turns Out He Was Married

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It’s such a happy feeling when you meet someone who leaves an impression on you. You enjoy your time together and want to know more about them. But things get ugly & sad if you find out that person is married. Something similar happened to TikToker Mica Renee.

A Good First Impression

Mica met a guy while on vacation. They took a few photos together and had a fun time hanging out. The man left a good impression on her, but Mica couldn’t ask him more about his life and where he was from. According to Mica:

“I was in Miami, looking all good in the ocean, and my friend was taking pics of me,”

“He came up to me and he introduced himself. My friend thought he was bold, so she kept recording.”

Enchanted and swept away by him, she turned to TikTok and asked her followers for help finding him.

The Internet Quickly Finds Him

Mica’s request video went viral, gaining over 8.3 million views on TikTok. Mica wrote:

“TikTok I come to you today cause I heard what you do for others,”

“I think he said he’s from Detroit.”

Everyone jumped in to help Mica find her dream man. Finally, he was found! But it turns out her dream man was married and had kids but never told her when they met.

The Truth Comes Out

A heartbroken Mica got in touch with the man’s wife and told her the story. The man’s wife supported Mica and thanked her. The wife said:

“Its not your fault. He didn’t care so please believe I’m not about to,”

“But thank you for posting this. Everything done in the dark will always come to light.”

His wife then asked Mica to keep her video online to keep the truth alive.

You can follow Mica on her TikTok here.


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