Woman Barred from Boarding Flight in Bikini: Airport Dress Code Stirs Debate

A 21-year-old woman known as Kine-Chan claimed that airport staff prevented her from boarding a flight at Navegantes Airport in Brazil due to her revealing outfit. Kine-Chan is a cosplayer, model, and influencer on OnlyFans. The black two-piece outfit she was wearing, resembling a bikini, was deemed too skimpy, resulting in her being barred from the flight.

Kine-Chan, dressed as Rebecca from Netflix’s anime “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners,” detailed the incident on her Instagram account @kinechan2.0, where she has 600,000 followers. She expressed frustration about the situation at Navegantes Airport, stating, “Xuxus, a very annoying situation happened this weekend! I tried to board at Navegantes airport dressed as Rebecca’s Cosplay for an event. I already knew that I could be late, so I was dressed so as not to waste time and could go straight to my room.”

“But I was told to go home and change clothes because the one I was wearing was not ‘appropriate.’ I explained that I was going to an event. Anyway, Rebecca barred lol,” she concluded. The incident sparked varied opinions among Kine-Chan’s followers, with some suggesting she should have opted for more modest attire before boarding the plane.

“Glad it was blocked right angel let’s respect other people, warning, this is not a place to wear lingerie or bikini,” one said. Another commented, “Kine I love you but for the love of God… you could have put on an easy pull-up outfit, like a falling dress or even a button-down blouse.” A third person expressed, “I love your job but that’s kind of obvious, I don’t consider bikini pornography but on a plane, I think it’s inappropriate.”

“It’s really disappointing to see that Camboriú Spa Airport has blocked you, a talented artist, for such an amazing cosplay by Rebecca. Freedom of expression and creativity should always be encouraged and respected. I hope situations like this can be avoided in the future. Keep shining with your art and cosplay,” one person expressed.

Attire-related controversies at airports are not new. Two women wearing crop tops with long skirts and pants shared an incident involving American Airlines, where they were asked to change due to the perceived revealing nature of their outfits. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when they switched into shorts, inadvertently revealing even more skin.

“Omfg an @AmericanAir employee forced me and @keanuCthompson to change our pants before getting on the flight which actually turned out to be MORE REVEALING THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT A REWARDS MEMBER,” tweeted passenger Chrissie Mayr.

American Airlines did not respond to The Post’s request for comment. According to the airline’s website, passengers are advised to dress appropriately, with explicit mention that bare feet and offensive clothing are not allowed. However, the airline does not provide further details on what qualifies as “offensive clothing.” In response to the ongoing situation, American Airlines’ social media account engaged with the thread initiated by Mayr, stating, “Your comments concern us. Please join us in DMs, we’re here and ready to listen.”

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