Woman Broke up with her Boyfriend of Four Months After He Threw a Fit over her Plastic Surgeries

A woman revealed that she and her boyfriend of four months recently broke up because he was not okay with her plastic surgeries and other beauty enhancement treatments.

Taking to Reddit’s AITA platform, user u/MaxineLu7 shared that she had been dating this guy named Max for the last four months, and they were having a great time together until they had a conversation about her plastic surgeries.

“I (26F) have been dating Max (25M) for 4 months. When I was 22, I had a nose job as I broke my nose twice as a kid and it left it with a large bump. Then, at 23, I had a breast augmentation that bumped me up two cup sizes. These were lifelong insecurities that I was bullied over, and it was really relieving to get them done,” the woman wrote in her post.

She said that she met Max through a friend, and everything was going perfectly until one day, when she was scrolling through her friend’s social media account while he was sitting with her.

When OP stopped at the vacation photos of her old classmate, she noticed that she had gotten implants and several other procedures done on her face and body.

“I stopped on an old classmate’s vacation photo, where she wore a bikini and frankly, had very obvious implants (she looks great, happy for her! But you can tell.)” She said.

She added, “Max glanced over at that moment and said “Gross.” I asked him what the deal was, and he said women who get implants or other surgeries are a huge turn-off to most guys, and how men prefer natural over two balloons and how insecure she looks.”

According to the OP, when she asked her boyfriend if she turned him off, he got confused and asked her what she was talking about.

“I informed him I had procedures done before. He kept denying it and saying I was joking until I showed him old photos of me,” she wrote. “He got quiet and left shortly after. I got a text saying I should’ve disclosed this on the first date, how I led him on and that he needs to reconsider things.”

The woman, 26, asked at the end of her post if she was TA for not letting her boyfriend know about her procedures earlier.

“It’s the next day. I haven’t heard anything, and I’m bewildered. AITA?”

OP’s post on the platform received 15.9K upvotes, and more than one thousand people commented on her post, with the majority telling her that she was not at fault.

“NTA. You lucked out that he showed you this side at four months in. You could have been married before you found out he’s this shallow/misogynistic,” one Redditor said.

“NTA. His reaction and comment that you “should’ve disclosed this on the first date” makes him childish,” a second wrote.

“Not just childish, vindictive. He really thinks a person is going to stop a date, mid-vibe to point out their surgery? He’s a liar too, setting an impossible standard,” a third commenter said.

“NTA – you shouldn’t have to disclose your medical history for someone to date you,” another wrote.

The woman made a few edits to her original post and informed people on Reddit about the end of her story.

She said after a few days, she received a text from her boyfriend, who wanted to resume their relationship and wanted to talk things over.

“After all these comments and some thinking, I sent back along the lines of his reaction made me realize he’s not the partner I’m looking for, and that I’ve decided to not continue our relationship,” she said while disclosing that she is single now as she told Max that she is not going to continue this relationship.

“Oh well, I like me, I’m content with my natural and unnatural parts, and I’ll find someone who doesn’t have huge hang-ups on plastic surgery,” she added.

Then she received another message from Max saying she won’t find someone else because, apparently, no ‘real man’ respects someone with plastic surgeries.

“He finally replied to my text: “I was hopeful we could start over on an honest beginning, but I guess only one of us is mature enough to look past each other’s shortcomings in the relationship. I’m glad you revealed this about yourself before I got too involved.”

“Goodbye, good luck finding someone cause no real man would respect someone who can’t even respect their own body.”

She concluded her post by saying she was confused earlier if she did the right thing by ending her relationship with Max, but after reading his last message, she is happy about her decision.

“Wow. I was comfortable with my decision before, but now I’m extra comfortable lmfao. Blocked and bye. He never deserved this limited edition set.”

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Sources: Reddit

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