Woman Called the “Lipstick Bandit” for Planting Kisses on Unsuspecting Men’s T-Shirts at Parties

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This potentially relationship-ruining story comes from Sydney, Australia. A partygoing woman was captured on video by her friend, leaving lipstick marks on the backs of unsuspecting men’s t-shirts at a party on St. Patrick’s Day. She specifically chose men wearing white t-shirts for her “joke.”

While this may seem like a harmless “joke” to this woman, it’s not a good look for all of the men who have to go back home and explain the lipstick kiss marks to their partners – that’s where a lot of relationship problems and trust issues can sprout from.

She’s being called the “Lipstick Bandit.” This act is very inappropriate, but it’s also in bad taste even it seems funny to this unnamed woman. Many people shared their opinions on this unfunny act of putting men in trouble for no reason.

corirenae91 said:

“yeah not cool…poor blokes”

Tranquility spoke facts:

“Destroying someone’s clothes is not fun. Kissing them without consent is not fun. Just imagine the roles were reversed. I doubt you would feel the same”

luke wrote:

“so her potentially wrecking a relationship is funny”

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Dave Lewis on TikTok

Images & Featured Image via Dave Lewis on TikTok

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