Woman Claims Her Beauty is a Curse

While the majority believes that being pretty is a privilege and anyone who’s beautiful can get things done their way, this one woman claims that this notion is just a hoax.

29-year-old Shye Lee from Orlando, Florida, recently claimed that being pretty is not a privilege but a curse.

In one of her TikTok videos on the subject, Lee explained her point.

“Pretty girl privilege is one of the dumbest things to ever exist. Let’s list the privileges – free drinks, probably free entry somewhere, maybe ending up in a VIP section, maybe attract like a rich guy, like an athlete or rapper, but those are pretty much the privileges,” she said.


Here’s the TEA TEA on Why you see me SOLO majority of the time now. I KNOW I am NOT the only one whose experienced this either. It’s very sad when your heart is so pure but their intentions are not! One thing a pretty girl lacks & desires the most is finding genuine ppl to keep around her. 🙏🏽

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“Pretty women have a higher chance of getting kidnapped [or] dying. So if you’re a little bit more attractive, you might get more eyeballs and increase your chances of getting kidnapped,” she added.

Shye further said that if a woman is beautiful and has good looks, people would automatically assume that she does not have a better understanding of her work and life in general.

“Business? Forget about it. One time I reached out to a doctor so I can help him with his social media, and he literally wrote back, “You should come in for an exam, winky face.”

Lee from Orlando runs her business strategist company, 7 Figures Creators, and manages her social media with thousands of followers.

Her Instagram account has 31.6K followers, while on TikTok, she boats nearly 480K followers.

In an interview with The Post, Shye talked about her stance on ‘pretty girl privilege’ and called it a curse.

“It’s honestly more of a curse than a privilege. “People overall treat you much differently, and they don’t judge you for your actions; they judge you just from your appearance.”

“Pretty girl privilege only works in certain aspects of life,” Lee said. Sure, being really good-looking is handy when it comes to free drinks, VIP tables, and rich guys, but the benefits, are limited,” she explained.

In another TikTok video on the same subject, Lee maintained that pretty girls are never taken seriously by anyone.

“I’m concerned for everyone who thinks those are such glamorous privileges. Pretty girls are never taken seriously.”

“Guys staring and catcalling when you are literally just trying to go grocery shopping, and then they call you a b**** because you don’t want to talk to them,” she continued.

“So I don’t know, I’m patiently waiting to understand what is this privilege?” 


Replying to @chamael30n yup, the math is definitely not mathing….. pretty girl privilege does not exist in my world. 🤷🏽‍♀️

♬ original sound – Shye Lee | Marketing + Biz

Users on TikTok agreed with Shye’s take and shared their responses in the comment section.

“There’s a lot of shit against you when you have the pretty girl curse even your own family will be against you,” one wrote.

“Agree! So lonely and scary. I’d just like one good friend before I leave this earth. My husband is my bf but a gf would be nice for a change,” said another.

“I know the feeling I’ve had this!!!” a third chimed in.

“This right here! I’ve grown to low-key fear the world because of it,” added another.

“I used to work at a spa and this man leaned over the reception desk and said to me “you’re too pretty to be working.” And winked. I was scared af!” a user shared their experience in the comments.

“Not to mention it’s harder to make close female friends, you’re not even given a chance or they’re competitive with you,” wrote another.

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