Woman Claims She Wants To Marry Her Comforter For The “Best Hugs Ever”

There are very few things in the world that feel as good as having the love of your life snuggle up to you. But what if your snuggling partner happens to be an inanimate object?

A lot of us are able to find comfort, security, and refuge within the warm wraps of our comforters and blankets. This is especially true on those cold nights when all you want to do is lay in all bundled up within the sheets. The temperatures are rapidly dropping all around the world especially around this time of the year.

It’s so tempting to just spend most of the day in bed wrapped up like a burrito.

We can all probably relate to this, right? We all find comfort within our own beds. But one woman has actually managed to take things to the extreme. She doesn’t just want to cuddle and snuggle with her duvet. She actually wants to marry it.

Pascale Sellick is a middle-aged woman who makes a living as an artist. She has recently found love in her life and is engaged to be married. But it’s not the most conventional type of romantic engagement. She actually plans on marrying her comforter. And she is offering a public invitation for everyone to pay witness to her wedding.

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