Woman Describes ‘Ultimate Betrayal’ Upon Discovering Husband Cheated with Her Mom

A woman, identified as interior designer Laci Jane, has shared the painful story of discovering her husband’s infidelity with a close family member on TikTok. Laci, based in Indianapolis, recounted the incident that unfolded 14 years ago, shortly after she had given birth to her daughter and was grappling with health issues. Shockingly, she revealed that during this challenging time, she learned that her husband was having an affair with none other than her own mother.

“My mom was living with us, she was staying down in the basement,” she said in her recent TikTok video clip. “But after several months, she ended up renting a house that was like a block away from us… and my husband and her carpooled [to work] together.”

According to Laci, although she had some initial suspicions about the close relationship between her husband and her mother, she didn’t anticipate it would lead to the breakdown of her marriage. The situation escalated into a heated argument, prompting her husband to move out of their home and into her mother’s rental property. Meanwhile, her mother moved in with Laci and her baby.

“While she was living with me, we started to get close,” Laci told her followers. “She started telling me about all theses times he was cheating on me with all of these different women.”

“And she made me promise not to tell him that I heard it from her,” she said she agreed to this arrangement initially, but eventually, it became too overwhelming for her.

“I got in my car, sped out of there and I went to go confront him,” She shared, but upon her arrival, she soon discovered there was more to the story.

“I said, ‘Hey, my mom said that you’ve been cheating on me this entire time,'” Laci said to her ex-husband. “And he looked me square in the eyes and he said, ‘Well, why don’t she tell you what her and I have been doing.'”

Laci had to return home and confront her mom, who appeared visibly guilty. Despite the clear guilt, her mother denied any wrongdoing.

“I got out of my car and said, ‘I need you to pack your bags and get the f*** out of my house,'” she stated, and in her state of panic, her mother revealed, “[Your grandmother] knew about all of this, and I’m gonna call her… you’ll see, you’ll see.” Laci could only respond, “You know what you’ve done.”

In the end, her mom admitted that the pair “held hands” but didn’t go any further than that. However, for a woman who had already lied, it was difficult for Laci to take her word for it. The heartbroken mom-of-one later discovered that her own grandparents knew about her mom’s involvement with her husband and purposefully kept it from her, adding another layer of betrayal to the already devastating situation.

“This entire time, my grandparents – who are like my world, who were there for me my entire life when no one else was – they knew that him and my mom were at least holding hands… and no one told me,” she said.

Furthermore, her mother’s cruelty extended beyond the affair, as Laci revealed, “she tried to take my house from me… as a now-single mom with failing health issues, with no job, no career, nothing.”

“How can a mother do that?” one person in the comment section.

“if my mother knew I was being cheated on, she would tell me immediately,” a second said.

“So your husband could have been your stepdad??” a third asked.

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Source: TikTok

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