Woman Ended up in Throuple after Work Colleague Fell in Love with her and Partner

A clinical psychologist from Philadelphia has been living in a throuple after her work colleague fell in love with her and her wife. The three women are in a happy relationship and claim they have received positive support from people around them.

Dr. Nicole LePera is a US-based clinical psychologist who goes by the name of @the.holistic.psychologist on social media. She has over 6 million followers on her Instagram account, where she regularly posts about healing and how people can create a better version of themselves.

Recently, Dr. LePera appeared on the DJ’s Changes podcast with Annie Macmanus and spoke about her relationship experience as a part of a throuple and how she lives a fulfilling life with two women who are not only her partners but also the loves of her life.

Opening up about her personal life to Annie, Dr. Nicole explained how her coworker, Jenna Weakland fell in love with her and her wife of seven years, Lolly.

“She was someone who was in the community for a very long time – I knew her [social media] handle – so when she approached me I was like, ‘I know you,’” she told the broadcaster.

She said she hired Weakland for the business, but when she moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles with Lolly, they began spending most of their time with Jenna.

“Somewhere months down the line things started to get really difficult and conflictual between us – a lot of nitpicking and snapping at each other,” she added.

One day, when LePera was discussing how to move past their conflicts with Weakland, she confessed that she had romantic feelings for her and Lolly.

Adding that Weakland was shaking and quivering while confessing her feelings, Nicole said, “Jenna sat us both down, at separate times, and said she was having romantic feelings for both of us. “Never once [had Lolly and I] thought about or talked about – or even heard – about a more plural or multiple relationships.”

Over months, the trio finally moved into a new relationship dynamic where they could maintain their relationship as a throuple.

The clinical psychologist, who is now 40 years old, first came out as gay when she was 19.

Last year, in August 2022, Dr. Nicole revealed her new relationship status to her Instagram community and wrote, “I am in a throuple. A three-person committed relationship.”

Initially, she lost many followers after announcing as many people didn’t like the new relationship dynamic. But Dr. Nicole continued educating people about the positive aspects of her relationship and how people can live a happy life with more than one partner.

“There are so many perks to having a life partnership with more than one human. More than a throuple, we are a family, best friends – a team. I love building a life with you angels,” she wrote in one of her posts on Instagram.

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Source: DJ’s Changes podcast

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