Texas Woman’s Way of Getting Back at Cheating Husband

People often suspect their partners of cheating. The keyword here is suspect, i.e. they aren’t entirely sure whether the people they love are being unfaithful to them or not. A cheater won’t admit to cheating. The fact that they’re cheating means that they don’t have the balls to come right out and break up with one person before moving on to the next. They think that they can continue to be unfaithful without their partner ever finding out. At least, that’s what Patrick Brown thought.

Timeshia Brown had long suspected that her husband was unfaithful. However, she didn’t have enough proof to expose him as a cheater. There might’ve even been days when she’d think that it was all in her head. No one wants to believe that the person they love has someone else in their lives and that the vows they took meant nothing to them. Let’s face it, no matter where you stand in your relationship today; there was a time when you thought that this was it. This was the place where you want to be for the rest of your life and this is the person you want to spend it with. Times may get rough and things might be sad; harsh things.

However, nothing can come close to the pain of realizing that your partner has been lying to you. Timeshia went through a period where she found herself second-guessing everything she believed in. Was Patrick really cheating on her or was she just being silly? Then one day, she got all the proof she needed to confirm her suspicions.

When caught, a cheater would typically say something along the lines of, “It was a moment of weakness” or “It was a one-time thing.” Oddly enough, some people forgive their spouses after they catch them in the act. – Continue reading on the next page

They might think that maybe their partner is telling the truth and that perhaps they didn’t mean to cheat on them. It’s all-around how much proof you have to be sure that your partner is full of BS. Lucky for Timeshia, she knew something which Patrick couldn’t even lie about – a love child.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; Patrick Brown got his mistress pregnant! As hard as it might be to believe, this situation actually benefited Timeshia more than anybody else. Why? It was Because now she knew that Patrick had no way to dodge it and this way, she could leave knowing that it was all him and not her who ruined a marriage. However, was she just going to leave with the satisfaction that her husband was a prick? Well, certainly not.

Patrick tried playing the game by keeping secrets, and Timeshia decided to win the game by exposing those secrets. I like to believe that she thought long and hard about all how she could seek revenge.

Then she narrowed them down until she came up with something genius. The Texas woman went ahead and bought an ad in her local newspaper and exposed her lying husband and his mistress.

This woman sought revenge most cleverly. Why be basic and go snitch on him to his family or friends? Why not everyone? While it isn’t clear when the ad was actually published, the photo of the ad has since gone viral all over the web. It first appeared on Reddit and from there on made its way to every other social media site. – Continue reading on the next page

People find this to be both funny and a clever way to seek revenge on a cheater. Everyone especially loves how the ad starts out all calm and cool like someone is just congratulating two people on expecting a child and then BAM!

The picture has even made its way onto the Daily Mail, who went ahead and did some digging of their own to confirm whether the ad was indeed real or was it just a hoax. Since some people doubted the authenticity of something this funny, they just assumed that somebody did this to be funny or to go viral.

They also doubted that maybe the people were all made up of characters from the figment of a great comic’s imagination. Lucky for us, the ad was real, and so were the people. According to Facebook, Patrick Brown and his mistress Shara Cormier live in the same town. At least now we know how they met..

The bottom line is to never cheat on a clever woman. Patrick might have gotten his fun, but now he has to live with the fact that almost everyone can spot him from a crowd. Shara will have to live with the fact that a leopard never changes its spots, and a cheater won’t turn their life over for someone just like that.

Timeshia, on the other hand, can look at how far her ad came from being something she posted in her local paper underneath a realtor’s ad to something gone viral.

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