Woman Finds Man from Tinder on Local Police’s ‘Most Wanted List’ for Stalking

Recently a woman revealed that while she was swiping on Tinder, looking for a date, she came across a guy’s profile who is wanted by the Police.

TikToker Adrielle Sigler shared a video on her TikTok and showed a Tinder profile of a man named Mitch, who is also on the local police’s most wanted list for stalking.

“Oh, you know, I’m just swiping on Tinder,” Adrielle said in her now-viral TikTok video.

She added that she was swiping on Tinder in an attempt to find a cute guy for a date.

“I realized that he is loving, caring, handsome, and wants to meet the right girl,” she said.

Sigler then swiped on her iPad and showed another page with the list of most wanted people by the local police.

“And a LEO, and he’s also wanted for stalking,” she said.

The man named Mithell A. Costanzo was listed among the most wanted people by the police for Criminal contempt in the first degree and stalking of the fourth-degree charges.

Adrielle’s video received more than 8 million views on the platform, and people couldn’t help but ask her how she found out about his criminal charges.

“No, wait! How did you even find him with just his name,” one user asked.


“We need answers, please explain HOW???” a third user asked.

So, in a follow-up video, Sigler explained that she recognized Mitch from the local police department’s Facebook page.

“Every week, they share the most wanted list,” she said. “They share a most wanted list, and a couple nights later, I saw this guy on Tinder who’s also most wanted!”

According to the police report, Costanzo was “charged with second-degree criminal contempt and fourth-degree criminal mischief” for allegedly breaking the window of a woman’s home.

“It was found that Costanzo allegedly broke a window to a residence and fled prior to officers arriving. An investigation found that Costanzo violated an order of protection to stay away from a woman inside the residence. He was located a short time later and was transported to Jamestown City Jail.”

This was not all. 28-year-old Mitch was again charged a few weeks later with “two counts of first-degree criminal contempt, endangering the welfare of a child, and reckless driving.”

According to the Post Journal report, “On July 28, officers responded to a domestic dispute where Costanzo allegedly violated an order of protection issued through Family Court and drove a vehicle in a reckless state which endangered a child. Costanzo was arraigned, and bail was set at $2,000 cash/$4,000 property bond.”

TikTok users loved that Adrielle called out the criminal on the platform and shared their views in her comment section.

Some joked about the culprit’s running skills, while others suggested that people should catfish him and get him arrested.

“he wasn’t kidding that “running” is one of his interests,” said one.

“Match with him, lure him on a date, call crime stoppers and have them meet him there and secure your bag,” another user suggested.

“Hear me out. Set up a date and have the PD there to meet him. Then record and show us,” another said.

“So why don’t the cops catfish them and set up dates?” another TikToker asked.

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