Woman Creates Almost 30 Instagram Profiles to Accuse & Incriminate Innocent Boyfriend – Gets Jailed

We’ve all heard of toxic relationships and exes – today’s story defines toxicity in its proper form. A woman from Brackendale, Runcorn, created around thirty fake Instagram profiles of her ex-boyfriend to threaten herself and incriminate him.

Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth created those fake profiles to incriminate her boyfriend, Louis Jolly. She did it to prove to the police that Jolly had threatened to stab her.

Courtney made about ten police reports about the fake profiles and messages. She also told the authorities that her boyfriend was stalking her and was constantly threatening her.

Because of Courtney’s actions, Louis was charged with assault & spent more than eighty hours in custody. During this ordeal, Louis was arrested over six times, which led to him losing his job, receiving a home curfew and an electronic tag.

After some investigation, police found that more than 20 Instagram accounts were created from Courtney’s IP address and email addresses. She was arrested on 12 December 2020, where she confessed to her horrendous crimes and took back the charges filed against Louis.

This incident wasn’t easy on Louis. He spoke about how badly it affected him, both physically and mentally:

“I was charged with stalking offenses and assaults that I had not committed. I was denied bail on one occasion and put before the court the next morning.

“I’ve suffered panic attacks. I found that I was agitated and jumpy, particularly at night, and if someone knocked on the front door.

“At my lowest point I felt like life wasn’t worth living and thought to myself that I’d be better off dead.”

Mr. Jim Smith, who represented Courtney, said she had PTSD and spoke about her actions:

“She would have handled that breakdown substantially differently than any other individual who was not subject to a mental disorder.”

He further added:

“The defendant and her family are truly sorry for what has occurred in this case.”

Courtney is now locked up for 10 months and received a 10-year restraining order.

We wish Louis Jolly a good life ahead and hope he can get back on his feet after going through this incredibly toxic and painful situation.

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Source: Liverpool Echo

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