Woman Labeled as ‘Bad Mom’ After Her Son Got Dress Coded for Wearing a Donut Shirt She Bought him to School

A woman was labeled as a ‘bad mom’ on the internet after her son got dress coded for wearing a donut t-shirt.

TikTok user Stacy shared a video of his son, who explained how he ended up in the dean’s office for wearing an inappropriate t-shirt to school.

The mother maintained that she didn’t know the innuendo about the donuts and hand pattern and bought the t-shirt for his son on Christmas.

The video showed Stacy’s son explaining how he got weird looks from his pals and teachers at school, and then his dean called him into her office and found the shirt hilarious.

“So I went to school with my donut shirt that you got me for Christmas,” he said. “When I was sitting in my dean’s office, she barely saw my shirt and said, ‘oh I like your shirt.’ So then I brought it up and said people are looking at my shirt, like giving all the weird looks and everything.”

“So, do you like my shirt,” he asked the dean, and she said, “yeah, it’s just donuts.”

However, one of the administrators at the school asked the boy to “get the f*** out,” and when the other deans confronted him, they immediately understood the innuendo and said, “Ohhhhh, two in the pink, one in the stench!”

The boy told his story on a funny note, and so was the mom’s intention in sharing the video on social media – that the short was not a big deal.

However, the clip, which was watched by more than 2 million people on TikTok, received many critical comments from parents who said it was Stacy’s fault as she bought the shirt for her son.

“Ok, funny shirt to some, but a mom allowing her son to wear it to school shows questionable parenting,” one person commented.

“Why would you let him wear that shirt to school?” another asked.

“Bad parenting,” a third added.

“Why would you buy that shirt for your son and how could you say its not that serious or you didn’t know what it meant, lol,” another asked.

Meanwhile, many others enjoyed the clip and said it was not a big deal.

“This is awesome, my 16-year-old would love it,” one mother wrote.

“Best shirt, I need one,” another said.

“I didn’t get it, till he said it,” a third laughed.

“That’s hilarious and obviously the staff at the school has a sense of humor. People really need to calm down. It’s not that serious,” someone wrote.

“It’s literally not that bad, people need to chill. Why make everything so serious lol,” said someone else.

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Source: TikTok

  1. It’s not appropriate for school, but it’s not that bad of a shirt. She is not a bad mom, she just didn’t realize what it meant. I didn’t see it until he said something. Everyone needs to chill and stop the rude comments. It’s not like you know everything and have never made a mistake.

  2. It’s 2 in the pink and one in the stink. It’s a sexual thing, and if parents aren’t kept up with the times and all the sayings they honestly just don’t know. I don’t think that makes her a bad parent. Why do clothing companies have to make explicit items. You look at a shirt and say hey that’s a cute shirt my kid would like it, so you buy it, nothing wrong with a hand and two donuts right. Well not necessarily, things all have hidden meanings, if you don’t know what it means it can get your child in trouble. Just like the dean said yah that’s a cool shirt, it wasn’t until someone who knew what it was saying that had an issue with “the shirt”! Instead of making a big deal all they had to do was ask him to turn it inside out or cover up the hand with tape. The other concern is why was the shirt sold in a regular store when it should’ve been sold in a more appropriate store for what it’s advertising on the front.

  3. I seriously had no clue what it meant until someone said it. Why does everyone have to put nasty meanings on everything. I’m a grandma and had no clue, I’m sure mom meant no bad intent. Everyone needs to get over it!

  4. Ya’ll! I’m on the downhill slope of 50 and I had no clue what this meant…without Renee’s explanation and revisiting the pic a couple of times…I was clueless. So, you are all just a bit too sensitive and need to just tell the boy to change his shirt, its not appropriate so he can google it (if he doesn’t know) and realize why he shouldn’t wear. I’m sure mom was a bit taken aback once the meaning sunk in. GEEZ! Everybody needs to quit being so dang sensitive! Thanks for the mini-Ed Renee!

  5. I didn’t learn about this hand gesture until my kids were in middle school. And even knowing what it meant it took me a few minutes to figure out what was wrong with the shirt.

  6. People worry too much about petty things, and not at all about what matters. Not everyone gets the same social exposure. She had no idea what it meant and to insinuate that she ‘should know’ what it meant? Why, exactly should she? Because ‘you’ do?…because you’re more of a fucking degenerate than you’re accusing her of being.

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