Woman Makes $80 an Hour As Certified Cuddler and says Her Job is Very “Meaningful”

A Connecticut-based woman revealed that she works as a professional cuddler and makes good money from her job.

“Amy Grinnell, of Shelton, is a ‘trained cuddlist.’ Her clients are people mostly men, between the ages of 40 and 60, who have been deprived of human contact,” as reported by the local news outlet.

According to Amy, her work is very professional and meaningful and has many benefits.

“It’s very professional, and it’s very meaningful, the work that we do,” she told Connecticut Post. “People are very much deprived of touch.”

“It seems ridiculous to pay someone to give you a hug, but the effects and benefits are quite real,” She added.

“The joy and wonder of touching another person is amazing and wonderful. There’s such a joy in helping people feel connected to society and the universe.”

According to CT Post, “Grinnell is making a living as a cuddlist. She works through cuddlist.com — each session costs $80 an hour — though, at present, Grinnell said she is the only trained cuddlist in Connecticut.”

Grinnell said that before taking a client, she makes sure they sign a code of conduct to avoid inconveniences.

“First, they have to agree to the code of conduct,” She said, “of course, it’s my work, and I am aware of what some people can think or believe or even expect from the sessions. But there’s no sexual activity involved. We have a screening, a phone screening or an email screening, or both. We make sure that the client is on the same page.”

The Connecticut resident added that, like any other job, her work includes ‘boundaries,’ and she ensures people respect her values and don’t cross the limit.

“Yes, the boundaries are always there to make everyone feel safe. I make sure everyone agrees to the terms and conditions before they get their service.”

Amy also added that despite her professional attitude toward her work and the code of conduct, initially, her husband was worried about her job.

“At first he was very, very concerned and a little bit upset about it,” she explained. “We talked about it and he was very hesitant to say he was OK with it because of the intimacy he thought was involved.”

“But he has eventually come around, and gladly we are on the same page now, I explained to him that our skin is pretty much our primary sense organ,” she noted.

Amy Grinnell said that when she started working as a cuddliest, many people didn’t approve of her job and some even looked down upon her and criticized her; however, she didn’t give up and continued working hard because she believes no job is too small or too bad.

“People have said that touch is the ‘mother of all senses.’ Mental health and general well-being and evolutionary survival has depended on us being interconnected.”

“I don’t care what people say about my job, this is something I do for a living, and I am very proud of myself,” She concluded.

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Sources: Connecticut Post

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