Woman Manages to Track Down Mystery Man She Kissed at a Festival

A woman used the internet to track down her festival fling with whom she shared a brief kiss.

Natalie Jones from America, a radio jockey, met a mystery man at a festival while waiting in line for a drink. The two chatted for a few minutes, and then the next thing they did was lock lips. While they were kissing, a friend of Natalie’s whisked her away, and the mystery man named ‘Cole’ disappeared into the crowd.

Later, Natalie shared her story on her show and asked her listeners to help her find Cole.

“Natalie is one of the hosts of the Q102 weekday afternoon show in Cincinnati, Ohio, and attended a music festival an hour and 20 minutes’ drive south in Lexington, Kentucky, where she met Cole,” per Daily Mail.

After the festival, Natalie was so curious about her festival lover that she posted an image of them sharing a kiss on Facebook and asked everyone to help her find Cole.

Her post received several responses, and a few people managed to track down Cole, who later appeared on Natalie’s radio show with her cohosts, Freddy Mac and Roy.

“I got that vibe when she moved in at first, and I was kinda like, whatever, I can be that guy,” Cole told Roy and Freddy on the show.

“We introduced ourselves, she told me what she did, and then I told her what I did, a little bit of conversation about other things, she told me she was buying my drinks and I was like ‘ah I don’t know’.”

Cole admitted that he didn’t think Natalie would become so curious about him she would actually start a search on the internet to track him down. He said he thought Natalie was only using him to get the drinks at the festival.

 When Roy asked Cole why he didn’t ask Natalie for her number, Cole replied, “It all happened so fast’ and he was whisked away by his friends.”

Cole also admitted that he is single at the moment and definitely interested in Natalie – “He assured Natalie that he was ‘absolutely not’ in a relationship and the pair agreed to keep talking despite living in towns five hours away from each other.”

“I’ve never attempted (a long-distance relationship) though we look really good together,” he said.

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Source: Daily Mail

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