Woman Put £685 Pink Door Display and Left Neighbors Fuming for Going EXTRA with the Festive Spirits

Recently a woman sparked debate in her native town by decorating her front door with a giant bright pink nutcracker, wreath, and festive arch for Christmas.

Hannah Cox, a 30-year-old woman from Minehead Somerset, dressed up her front door all pink and extra festive for the upcoming Christmas week celebrations.

According to the Daily Mail, “During the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, she adorned it in a Queen of Hearts Theme, over Halloween with pumpkins, and this Christmas she has gone with the Nutcracker.”

But her festive spirits didn’t impress the people in her hometown, and many neighbors claimed she went ‘over the top’ with her decorations.

Speaking to The Sun, one displeased neighbor said, “I understand that people want to celebrate Christmas, but this is totally over the top.”

“Why can’t people just put up a simple wreath on their door – that would be more in keeping with the neighborhood?”

“This latest creation is just making the neighborhood a laughing stock,” another neighbor added.

The UK resident has reportedly spent £685 on her door decorations and is famous for changing her door decorations according to the season.

“The Nutcracker cost £250, and the wreath and festive arch cost £435 to put together and took five hours to complete.”

Despite her neighbors’ displeasure toward her festive spirits, Hannah said her decorations showcase her new artificial flower business.

“The 30-year-old’s love of crafts saw her launch her own artificial flower business Artificial Hannah in June 2020 – after she created a false flower wall in her back garden,” per Daily Mail.

She started decorating her front door according to the season in June 2020, and her first décor was in a combination of pink and white.

“My door took all day,” she said about her Christmas door decoration.

“I have been planning it since February. I started it in the morning and finished it in the evening, just before it went dark. It is so hard to find all the bits I want for it – that’s why it has taken me all year to find what I want. I do this for every seasonal change.”

Hannah told The Sun, “At the beginning of the year, I did the Queen of Hearts. In spring, I did the Mad Hatters tea party. I did a Jubilee party for the Queen, and in autumn, I did pumpkins.”

Hannah said her partner, Ryan Cape, who works as the project manager for her artificial flower business, approved the idea that her door decoration would change according to the season.

“He loves the pink door; he has accepted it. When I first did it, he was a bit shocked but now he knows I have to beat it and be better every year.”

She added, “The house that we are joined to, he is very speechless when he comes out to look at it – we don’t think they are a fan.

‘The other side of the house loves it as they look forwards to what comes next – the postman loves it.”

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Sources: The SunDaily Mail

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