Woman Quit Job After Getting Dress Coded by Manager

A woman has revealed that she has left her job after working for only three weeks at an office and the reason was her Manager who asked her to wear appropriate clothing because of her plus size.

The woman named Abigayle Canterbury posted a video on her TikTok account and explained why she quit her job at the smokehouse.

“I got dress-coded at this job that does not have a dress code.”  

“Make that make sense… You can’t.” she wrote.

“I am also the only plus-sized female that they had working – I have never been into one of their locations and seen a bigger girl working. It’s always been very, very small, petite girls, and they’ve always worn whatever they wanted.” 

Abigayle said that before beginning the job at the smokehouse, she was excited because she was told that there is no dress code at work and she could wear whatever she wanted.

“I was under the impression that I could wear a crop top with some jeans, and that that’s not a big deal.”

But only a week after joining, her Manager texted her and dress-coded her by saying that she should cover up.

“The business owner talked to me yesterday about your clothes. He said please dress something nicer and cover the stomach. Thank you.” 

Abigayle said she felt guilty and apologized thinking that it was her crop top that caused some inconvenience however, to her surprise her Manager said something that weirded her out.

“Just cover all your body that’s what he means.” The text read.

According to Abigayle, she agreed to dress up according to their demand as she thought they wanted their staff members to have a proper dress code, but she was wrong.

While Abigayle initially apologized and agreed to the request, she later discovered that her colleagues were never asked to dress up in a certain way. 

“Literally, the very next day when I came in, my co-worker was wearing a very cute outfit – I loved it and I even told her that she looked great in her dress and asked her if she was ever asked by the boss or the manager to dress ‘appropriately’ or in a significant way.”

“No. Not really I have been working here for long and nobody ever asked me to dress up in this or that way’, she told me.” 

“Next time I work with another female, same scenario,” she continued. “She was wearing stuff that, according to them, was just inappropriate.” 

The next day her manager spoke to her again and inquired why she’d been discussing the issue with others. Abigayle said she was shocked when her Manager inquired about her.

“It was extremely blatant and discriminatory on their part. I just wanted that same treatment, I wanted to be able to wear what I was comfortable in, just like everyone else, and they were insanely weird. So that’s when I decided that I’m quitting and I told my Manager I cannot continue working at a workstation with that mindset.”

Her video went viral on the platform and received more than 838,000 views, 111K likes, and hundreds of comments.

“I’m glad you decided to quit for the simple fact of principle. What they did to you is not okay. You’re beautiful.” A user commented.

“That’s called discrimination…lawyer up girl.” Said another.

“Yea as a woman that’s been thin and plus size. I can definitely tell the difference of how I was treated. they were so nice to me when I was thin.” Another wrote.

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  1. Yes, if you don’t like the rules, leave. But if you are bringing food to me, I don’t want your naked parts in proximity to my food, Ion’t care what size you are.

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