Woman Refuses to Attend Weddings and Baby Showers of People who Invite ‘Just for the Gifts’

A woman refuses to attend weddings and baby showers of people whom she doesn’t hear from on a daily basis, said it’s RUDE to invite someone just for the sake of receiving more presents.

Loveland, Colorado resident Lanette Rincon, 30, says it is incredibly offensive for people to invite someone on their life milestones without including them in their life progressions.

In a TikTok video that has gone viral on social media, Rincon said,

“Do not invite me to baby showers, weddings, [or] housewarming parties if you don’t invite me to movie nights, girls’ night out, dinner, coffee dates [or] lunch.”

She added, “It is extremely offensive to presume that somebody wants to spend money on your life milestones without including them [in] your life’s professions. Period!”

Her video has garnered more than 1 million views on TikTok with over 5000 comments. Many people agreed with Lanette. However, a few disagreed with her approach.

“I wish more people thought like this. I get in trouble for not inviting people even though I haven’t seen them in yearssss!!” one user said.

“Spot on!!!” another commented.

“Couldn’t agree more, 100% FACTS,” a third wrote.

“YESSSSSS!!!!!!! All of this! Yes!!!!! So over it.” another wrote.

“So my cousins and I have an unspoken bond that we just show up, gift up, no strings attached, just the way I like it. They show up to my stuff soo,” one TikTok user shared their thought to which Rincon agreed and commented, “I get this angle because same!”

“Yes but I don’t invite anyone to coffee dates or lunch. I’m powerfully introverted but I would be happy if you wanted to come to the wedding. But no pressure!” someone disagreed.

“The bride and groom spend a lot on their guests. I always appreciate getting invited regardless if we haven’t seen each other in a while,” another user added.

“Not everyone does dinners out, movie nights, etc all the time? like just say no if you don’t feel close to that person,” a third chimed in.

One user commented, “This makes no sense lol imagine having a movie night and having to invite everyone you would invite to your wedding. What a fiasco!”

Lanette replied to this comment with another detailed TikTok video and further explained her point.

“If you are posting on social media … having your girls nights, having movie nights, going out to dinner or doing basic life things, but you never take the time to invite me, why would you invite me to your baby shower or wedding?,” she said.

“Probably because it has to do with [the thought that] you’re going to get a gift or it’s all for show [so you can say], ‘Oh, I had 300 people at my wedding,” she continued. “Like I’m just another number, you could give a s- -t less if I’m there or not.”

“I want to be involved in your everyday life…so that I feel more important when I do go to those milestone [events].”

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Source: TikTok

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