Woman Refuses to Walk into Job Before Eight on the Dot

A woman refused to walk into her workplace before eight on the dot.

TikTok user Anna Ibarra who goes by the username @anaxxibarra, sparked a debate on the platform by saying that her work shift begins at 8 o’clock and she won’t step into her office even a minute before that.

In a now-viral TikTok clip, Anna could be seen sitting in her car waiting for the needle to hit 8 on the clock so that she can step out and begin her work shift.

“I’m literally in the car waiting for it to be exactly eight so I can walk in my job, because I start work at eight,” she said in her video clip. “That means I’m gonna leave at exactly the time that I’m supposed to leave.”

Saying that Ibarra opened a large bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and took a big whiff of the fresh hot Cheetos inside.

“Smells so goooddd lol,” she said.

The video amassed over 373K views on TikTok, and more than 44K people liked it.

While many people agreed with Anna’s stance, others disagreed and said that’s not how things should work.

“I do the same! I sit in the car and contemplate about not wanting to be there,” one viewer commented.

“I walk in at 9:01,” another said.

“And then there are my bfs peers & supervisors criticizing people for showing up only 10 mins early for their shift,” a third said.

“I have until 8:07 to clock in, guess who’s clocking in at 8:07,” wrote another.

“100% but remember they don’t pay us to walk in and get settled,” added another.

The naysayers also had a lot of valid points to add to the topic.

“But if you enter at 8:00 you’re not ready to work so you’re late,” one wrote.

“if you start at 8 doesn’t that mean you should be actively working at 8,” a second added.

“i got in trouble for doing that because apparently at my time I’m supposed to already start working, not just walking in,” someone shared.

“you’re late then. because if you’re not at your work station to begin work at 8, means you’re stealing time from your work,” said someone else.

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Source: TikTok

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