Woman Reveals Three Witty One-Liners to Captivate and Make Men ‘Obsessed’

If you’re in the pursuit of romance in 2024, consider taking notes as a woman has shared three witty one-liners that she believes can make men ‘obsessed’ with you. Influencer Courtney Shields, who goes by @courtney.shields on TikTok, recently shared her tips for charming potential partners with cheeky banter.

She titled the list: “Savage things to say to a guy when you want to flirt and get under his skin at the same time.”

Courtney continued, saying, “If you want to be unforgettable, I got you, this is gonna leave him thinking about you, because you’re flirting, but you’re doing it in kind of, like a slightly mean but funny way and not a lot of people really know how to nail this.”

The influencer mentioned that she’s ‘known’ for employing this specific technique in her friendships, indicating she has mastered it.

“It’s funny if there’s like a little bit of irony mixed in,” she added before delving into the examples.

Courtney clarified that she employs various one-liners tailored to different guys based on their vibe, personality, and interests.

Starting with the ‘athletic’ type, Courtney shared her approach: “So for example, number one, use this on some guy who’s like, very athletic looking or looks like he gives a s**t basically about like being athletic.” Instead of offering a compliment that he may receive frequently, Courtney suggests saying: “You look like a big pickleball guy.”

For those unfamiliar with pickleball, it’s a combination of tennis and ping pong played on a field with paddle boards.

Courtney explained the strategy: “He’s not gonna know how to take this. He’s gonna wonder if you’re calling him athletic, if it’s a compliment, if you’re calling him basic.” She noted that this statement will leave him ‘confused’, adding, “It’s a bit of a mixed bag – because he’ll never know what you’re really saying.”

Moving on to the ‘player’ type, Courtney shared her strategy: “Two is meant to be used on someone that you think is a player, but that you don’t want to view you that way like he views every other girl.”

After talking and flirting for a while, Courtney suggested looking at him and saying, “This is gonna be hard for you.” When he asks, ‘What’s gonna be hard for me?’ Courtney advised responding with, “Not getting what you want.” However, she emphasized the importance of actually not giving him what he wants and being hard to get, saying, “Like you have to be hard to get – not play hard to get but be hard to get.”

For the taller guys, Courtney suggested a playful approach: “This one can only be used on someone that’s tall or like kind of tall. So six feet and above, this one’s for you.”

She continued, “If you’re six feet and above, you pretty much always meet people’s height requirements. You’re pretty much already meeting the mark there. So you’re probably walking around feeling pretty damn good about your height. But we are here to humble you, and obviously, if someone’s short, this would just come off as rude. We’re not trying to be rude. We’re trying to be playful.”

The TikToker added, “So you’re just gonna look at him and say, ‘I remember you being a little taller’. And he’s gonna be like, ‘What? Like I’m six two what do you mean you remember me being taller? Like I am tall’, and you’re just gonna be like, ‘Yeah, I guess’ and just leave it there.”

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Source: TikTok

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