Woman Says She Accidentally Married her Cousin While Pregnant With his Baby

A Utah woman recently revealed that she accidentally married her cousin.

Marcella Hill is a 41-year-old business owner from Utah, United States. Recently she posted a video on her TikTok about the reality of her and her husband.

She said she and her husband are expecting a baby and were looking for baby names on the internet.

“I was sitting on the couch looking for names for the baby that we were about to have and I was on [genealogy site] FamilySearch,” she said in her now-viral TikTok video.


Funny story… I accidentally married my cousin. We had no idea our Grandma and Grandpa were 1st cousins. Oops. #funnystory #marcellahill #wakeherup #marriage #marriedlife #awakening #momsoftiktok #grandmasoftiktok

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She said her husband was also sitting on the couch with her and was looking at his own FamilySearch website.

Hill said their grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ names appeared on the site, and suddenly her husband realized they both had the same grandparents.

“Husband’s next to me on his own FamilySearch, and he’s like, “Oh that’s funny, we have the same grandma and grandpa’s names,” said Marcella.

“I look at this line and it’s all the same as mine. So I think, “Oh no no, you’re still logged into my account,” she added. “Then we start looking at it and we realize my grandpa is his grandma’s first cousin.”

The TikTok influencer said her grandfather was her husband’s grandmother’s first cousin. So, that would make the two of them – third cousins.

“I accidentally married my cousin,” Marcella said in her video, laughing.

The couple also called their grandparents to confirm their suspicion, and turned out they were right.

“Sure enough, sure do. They lived together when they were growing up as children,” she said. “We (Marcella and her husband) are third cousins.”

Marcella also revealed that she and her husband had won a prize for being the ‘closest related’ in a neighborhood activity.

She concluded her video by saying, “When I go to my family reunion, he gets to go to his, too, at the same time.”

Marcella’s TikTok video has so far received more than 937K views on the platform, with 90K likes and over 1300 comments.

“3rd cousins not a huge deal, you’re good, hilarious though,” one user commented on her video.

“It’s perfectly fine to be 3rd cousins,” a second wrote.

“So in a way, your baby is its own 4th cousin,” a third commented.

“Say you’re from Utah without saying you’re from Utah,” another added.

“How didn’t y’all realize this at the wedding?” someone asked.

Marcella made another video to answer the last comment and said,

“Wedding? What Wedding! We got married at a courthouse after work on a Wednesday,” she told her followers.

“Let’s say we had the wedding, and my grandpa and his grandma were there, and we found out that we were third cousins at the wedding, what were supposed to do?” she asked rhetorically.

“Maybe that’s why we need weddings,” one wrote in the comment section.

“Courthouse on a Wednesday? Sounds like a very cousin thing to do,” another joked.

“If you had a wedding it would’ve been like in community,” another added.

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