Woman Slapped Boyfriend when he Tried to Propose her with RING POP at an MLB Game

Last week a marriage proposal went terribly wrong at the Major League Baseball game and went viral on social media.

According to Daily Mail, “Crowds gathered at the Rogers Centre on Sunday to watch the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Boston Red Sox, and while fans expected a great game, what they didn’t expect was to see a marriage proposal go south.” 

In a now-viral video that Can be watched at the end of this article, the New York-based fan Alexander Korda was seen stopping his girlfriend as she proceeded to her seat and got down on his knees to ask her to marry her. However, the spectators became shocked when the girlfriend, who first seemed excited, slapped Korda and spilled her drink on him.

Even the official MLB camera started recording the moment to show it on the big screen after noticing the seemingly happy couple in the crowd.

“And what many thought was going to be a sweet moment was destroyed when Alexander pulled out a small, black box from his left jean pocket – only to reveal a Ring Pop inside.” 

When the girlfriend saw the red lollipop ring in Alexander’s hand, she shouted, “What the f**k is wrong with you?”

She then furiously slapped him across his face and threw her drink at him while everyone watched in shock.

The video received a mixed response on social media; some people called the incident ‘staged,’ and many others slammed Korda’s girlfriend for being rude and aggressive.

“So many things are staged for views and likes/advertisements these days, so I have no idea if this is legit anymore,” said one user.

“Sure seems staged, doesn’t it?” agreed another.

“Anything for content,” a third commented. 

“OK, definitely staged. They do this stuff at games all the time,” someone else said.

Many internet users showed their support for Alexander and asked him to find someone who would ‘take a joke’ rather than lose their calm.

“She isn’t worth it man. Lol so aggressive . You got her though, lol priceless.” One person commented on the viral video.  

“He had the main ring in his pocket if she can’t get a joke she better not be with you,” said another. 

“Looks like the right ring box was in the other pocket!!” another wrote.  

“That’s so sweet, maybe he was going to let her pick the ring. So embarrassed for him,” a fourth supporter commented.

Some others criticized Alexander for joking in such a serious matter, that too, in the presence of thousands of people.

“Any chance she thought it was a cruel joke to go viral and was embarrassed?”

“What an absolute jerk, who would do such a thing when everyone is watching you? Should have done the right way, dude.”

“Humiliate the one you love in front of thousands?? [Should of] been a real diamond. Run girl! I woulda done the same. it’s called self-worth.”

“Sis did the right thing. Respect yourself, Queen.”

“She knows her self worth!! If he truly loved her he would care about her feelings and not joke or make fun of something serious.”


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Sources: Daily MailTikTok

  1. It’s an absolute joke? What he did was romantic, who knows if had a second ring on him or wanted to let her pick a nice ring she wanted? Such a joke, the guy deserves so much better.

  2. Oh man!!! Poor guy! I hope he dumped her!! He definitely deserves better!! He should put her in jail!!! If that was a man slapping a woman like that he wouldn’t see the light of day!!! It’s so unfair for this man!

    1. Oh my hope she didn’t plan on beating him like that while they were married dang no sense of humor nothing just BAM and NO he probably had the real ring sitting at home with roses and all you can think of waiting for her damn that boat sailed didn’t it lol

  3. Who is she marrying the guy or the ring ? If she loved him that much she should have went along with it I thought it was cute! If I loved him I would have accepted no matter!!

  4. I second this a million times over… All this crap about self worth is just a lame excuse for those who truly lack thereof… Just look at yourself in the mirror girl! Beyond the makeup, the fake eyelashes and wannabe getup, are you truly above it all? What does your action say about your love now? A Queen you say??? A tramp would suit better!

  5. If she can’t take a joke, loose her now!!!!!
    She’s all about money, he could have put a cigar band on my finger, I would have said yes if I truly I loved the man!

  6. It’s not the size of the ring it’s literally the amount of love your man put into it for her to go to the extreme to slap him and throw a drink him, I’m sorry GET RID OF HER ASS!!! I’d take ring pop any day over a real diamond as long as it came straight from my man’s heart.

  7. Self worth…lol…if you idenitify self worth with a piece of candy or a rock out of the ground…might need to do a little more loving yourself and seeing the loving intensions of the one knealing before you.

    I can see if she had made it clear this is not a step in life she wanted to take. But this was just gross…and if thus was for “likes” or “views” why would you want to be seen as a shallow ass bitch?

  8. I think his actions show he wasn’t taking something like marriage seriously. I’m not someone with a super expensive engagement ring, so it’s not that. It’s supposed to be a special moment, not a joke.

  9. If she really loved him she would of excepted the ring pop, a ring no matter what it looks like tells him that the love will be forever, if it’s all about the ring then you need to find someone else, or your going to be broke for trying to make her happy.

  10. It doesn’t matter about the ring it’s how much he loves her. If a man put a candy ring on my finger I would love it. A ring is just a ring. It’s the devotion. The love. And I know marriage is serious but if you really truely love someone you would accept anything as a proposal.

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