Woman Says She Died for 15 Minutes and Saw Afterlife Where Mountains Were 30,000 Times Bigger than Everest

A woman who was pronounced dead for fifteen minutes described the ‘five years she spent in heaven.’

Dr. Linda Kramer said she had a near-death experience in 2001 where she was clinically dead for nearly 14 minutes and went to heaven for five years.

According to the Daily Star, “Dr. Linda Kramer went to the toilet in the early hours of the morning on May 6, 2001 – where she felt like she was falling into a deep sleep.”

“But what she experienced was actually herself dying and she remained clinically dead for around 15 minutes while being treated by paramedics.”

She was resuscitated, and once she woke up, she claimed that she had been to heaven and experienced several things there.

Dr. Kramer described her post-death and afterlife experience in a bizarre YouTube interview in detail.

Linda said while she was in heaven she could evolve into any individual she came across, and visit anywhere she wanted to be by just imagining that place.

“That’s when I found myself standing in what I termed the field of flowers. I was observing the mountain range 30,000 times huger than Mount Everest,” said Dr. Kramer.

“There’s a huge mountain range over in the back of wherever I was. I could see buildings with skyscrapers. Dubai are like little miniature huts in comparison. I saw lakes, I could see everything in a panoramic view.”

“So I’m there interacting with people, talking to people, becoming them.”

Kramer’s near-death experience was documented by NDE Diary Channel, where anyone can openly describe their near-death experiences in detail.

The description states, “Dr. Lynda Cramer has been a Psychic Medium since birth.”

“She claims to have switched consciousness with a cat during her life review. She also tells us about her 5-year stay in Heaven. During this time she learned about Life and Death, Reincarnation, and our Life Paths and Life Lessons.”

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Source: Earth To The Other Side

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