Woman says she Made a HUGE Mistake in her Past by Accidentally Taking her Neighbor’s Kid on a Week-Long Vacation

One British woman recently revealed that she made the biggest mistake of her life by accidentally taking her neighbor’s two-year-old kid with her on a trip to another city.

The Birmingham woman (name not revealed) said in a now-viral TikTok video that she once made a huge mistake that could have ended in a disaster.

In her video, the 51-year-old TikToker with username @SeenAsYouAsked explained that she used to babysit her neighbor’s kid back in 1991. He was only two years old, and his mom often left him with her when she wasn’t home.

“Seen as you asked, this is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life,” she said. I was like 20 years old, newly married, and lived next door to a family with a toddler. He was like two.”

“One day, she came over to me and said, ‘could you look after my son, and would you mind having an overnight because I’m going to go away for the evening?’ I said, ‘yeah. No problem.” The woman explained her story.

The TikToker said that her neighbor was in a bit of a hurry, and they couldn’t communicate properly. But she told her that she had to go away for a holiday to London for almost a week.

“She said, ‘yeah yeah, that’s fine. No problem.’ And she left.”

Later that day, the TikToker left for London and took the toddler with him.

“We all packed up in the car. I popped him in his car seat, and we drove off to London.” She said.

“We stayed in a hotel; I got the hotel to give us a little cot. He was so lovely, got him food and some extra nappies. And just like that, the week went through with this little lad. He was really sweet and we had such a fun time together.”

The woman also added that the kid didn’t miss his mother at all and enjoyed his time with her.

“He knew me well. I took him out places. I was in London because my husband was working. So during the day, I took him to the zoo, walked around Hyde Park, and we had a blast. I mean, he loved it.”

The woman said the kid didn’t even cry at night and slept peacefully. At the end of their first day in London, she thought to update her neighbor about her child and that he was doing fine.

“So, I bought postcards, and every day I wrote a postcard just so she’d know the kid was okay and the kid was fine.”

After a week, when they returned home to Birmingham, and the woman pulled up into her driveway, her neighbor instantly came out of her house.

“She comes out all smiles, and she’s like, ‘Ah, my boy, my boy.’ She picked him up, gave him a hug, and said, ‘so lovely of you.’”

Then the neighbor turned to the woman and thanked her for looking after his son. But she also made a shocking yet interesting revelation.

According to the TikTok user, the neighbor didn’t agree to send her kid off to London with the woman.

“She said, ‘I do have to say something though, when I said, that’s fine I meant I’ll come back the next day before you leave for your holiday, and get him.’”

The neighbor didn’t actually mean for her to take her kid on holiday for the whole week.

The TikTok user said that she was really shocked to listen to that and thanked God her neighbor was not mad at her.

“Thank God, I sent the postcards so she knew her kid was fine and she was updated about everything. Had I not sent those postcards, I wonder what would happen after I came back,” she said in her video.

The TikToker concluded her video by saying that she was relieved when the neighbor told her that she was kind of happy to spend some alone time without having to look after her kid for one week.

“So, it was like a win-win for all of us but I was really really shocked, and this memory still makes me laugh and think what would have happened if there were no postcards involved.”

Her video received 2 million views on TikTok, along with thousands of comments.

“This would not have gone down the same way today,” one user wrote.

“Omg, that’s awesome. I thought you were going to come home to a frantic mum or the police because she didn’t get the cards in time,” said another.

“You almost ended up on a list,” a third user commented.

“I was waiting for the part you would have to explain it to the police,” said a fourth.

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Sources: TikTok

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