Woman Says She’s had 43 Cosmetic Procedures to become a Barbie Doll, but People Tell Her She Looks like a Zombie

A woman underwent 43 cosmetic surgeries to become a real-life Barbie doll, but people tell her she looks like a ‘zombie’ now.

Dalia Naeem is a 29-year-old model, actress, and TV presenter who wanted to look like a Barbie. So, she had undergone 49 beauty enhancement treatments which changed her looks altogether.

After looking at her new face, many people tell Dalia that she does not look like a Barbie but looks more like a real-life zombie.

After she revealed her new look in a new video on her social media, many people criticized her and posted harsh comments saying she has ruined her face.

As reported by Daily Star, “The footage shows the Dalia posing next to her make-up artist, who says: “You look so beautiful, my dear. Like Barbie.”

“Dalia, with her tiny nose, bushy eyebrows, and oversized, pouty lips, replies: “Your make-up is Barbie.”

Reportedly, the presenter takes monthly beauty procedures, including lip fillers and breast enlargement surgery.

“Devil Barbie,” one person commented on Dalia’s new look.

Meanwhile, others simply said, she has turned into a ‘zombie.’

The Baghdad native boasts over 996K followers on Instagram and 43,900 on TikTok.

According to The Sun, “Dalia is well-known in her country due to her memorable appearance after starring in a series of plays and TV shows.”

After watching her new look, while many people bashed Dalia for ruining her face, some also appreciated her for doing what she feels right.

“A rose scented with love, I saw you with positive energy, peace of mind and happiness, you can follow it, Amir from Iraq Baghdad, and I hope to see you, you are the most beautiful woman in relation to a human being, classy, polite, very very beautiful, I swear to God,” one fan commented on her new Instagram photo.

“Enlightened the whole world, I swear to God, a beautiful look like your beautiful eyes,” another wrote.

“Iraqi Barbie, I love the redemption of beauty,” a third added.

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Sources: Daily star

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