Woman Says She’s Single Because She’s ‘Too Hot’ to Date Anyone and Men Are ‘Intimidated’ by Her Looks

A woman named Shirley Rosemary Flynn, 41, from Birmingham, says she hasn’t dated anyone for six years because she thinks she’s too attractive. She says some mean people online called her ‘arrogant’ when she said men were too nervous to ask her out because of her looks.

According to the OnlyFans model, guys would often cancel plans with her suddenly, and she thinks it’s because they’re scared of how pretty she is.

She also mentioned that it’s hard for her to make friends because some women feel jealous of her looks and lack self-confidence. Even though she finds it challenging to date, Shirley has recently had some marriage proposals.

“I’ve been inundated by messages by men asking me for a date and even marriage proposals and offers abroad,” she said. “People think I’m arrogant and full of myself and say they don’t want to date me because I’m too arrogant.”

“I thought it was funny, people saying I’m full of myself. It seems to be mainly from middle aged or older women – because obviously they’re insecure.”

She continued, “A beautiful confident woman is not going to react to something like that, they’d laugh and move on. Some of them said I should go to Specsavers – well I’ve got glasses and I still look sexy with my glasses on.”

Before, Shirley mentioned that her attractiveness caused problems with her ex-boyfriends, who would become jealous when other men paid attention to her. Despite her difficulties, she hasn’t lost hope of finding the right partner, wishing to meet someone who can handle the situation.

Shirley wants to motivate women to feel better about themselves, urging them not to compare themselves to others.

“I had loads of men asking me for dates and marriage on my Instagram and Facebook – I was quite surprised. I think if all women felt confident and could look in the mirror and say to themselves “I’m confident and beautiful and sexy”, they wouldn’t be fighting amongst each other,” she said.

“They make comments about my curves – they make out it’s fake but I haven’t had to pay, I’m natural.”

She said instead of comparing herself to other women, she prefers not to do that. She knows there are younger, slimmer, and more beautiful women than her, but she doesn’t compare herself to them. Instead, she cheers them on.

“A lot of plus-size women think they won’t get attention from men, but I get more attention now than I did when I was slimmer. Rather than looking at other women and comparing, I tend not to do that – there are women younger, slimmer, and more beautiful than me.”

Shirley, who goes by the name ‘Busty Malone’ on TikTok, has been removed from the platform several times because of her videos that show a lot of her body. She has mentioned feeling unfairly treated because of her large JJ-sized breasts.

Since September 2020, the social media star has faced multiple bans from TikTok for supposedly breaking the platform’s rules with her videos that show a lot of skin and her choice of revealing clothing.

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Source: Daily Mail

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