Woman Secretly Substitutes Twin at Work to Sneak on Vacation, Caught by a Single Mistake

An influencer got into big trouble with her manager after he found out she had her identical twin sister fill in for her at work while she went on vacation.

Ari and Noe Chance, 22-year-old twins from Canada, have become popular by sharing videos about their daily lives on their shared TikTok account, which has over 806,000 followers.

Recently, In one of her TikTok videos, Ari said she went on a trip even though her manager didn’t approve her time off. She got her sister Noe to go to work instead.

Although the plan seemed perfect, it fell apart when her boss, John, discovered what she had done. He sent her an angry email, warning that she might face disciplinary action.

The viral video, which has already gained over 80,000 views, was captioned: “We messed up.”

“My boss saw the video my twin posted while covering me at work,” she told her followers.

The video then switched to a screenshot of an email from a man named John.

“Let me be clear: your decision to enlist your twin sister as a substitute while you gallivant off on vacation after your leave request was denied is completely unacceptable,” the email read.

“It’s a slap in the face to both your colleagues who abide by the rules and the company that entrusts you with responsibilities.”

He then scolded Ari for damaging the company’s reputation, but he didn’t mention the company’s name.

“Your actions not only reflect poorly on yourself but also tarnish the reputation of our company. This level of disregard for protocol and decorum is frankly shocking and will not be tolerated,” he continued.

The twins’ boss insisted that Ari apologize, explain promptly, and present a plan to resolve the issue.

“Any further instances of misconduct will result in serious consequences, including potential disciplinary action. I expect to hear from you promptly to discuss how we can address this egregious breach of trust and professionalism,” he added.

He concluded the email with “disappointed regards.”

People online filled the comments section, expressing their surprise. Some even speculated that the email might be fake.

“Say it with me now, digital footprints people,” one wrote.

 “He has way too much emotion in that email,” a second added.

“It’s a fake email,” remarked another. “That’s clearly not a real email,” someone said.

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Source: Daily Mail

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