Woman Sells £500,000 Luxury Home to Live on a Cruise Ship

A rich divorcee sold her luxury house in Buckinghamshire to live on a luxury cruise ship to travel the world and save money.

Mimi Bland is a 59-year-old wealthy high flier who sold her £500,000 house to start a new life on the sea.

According to Daily Mail, “Mimi Bland, 59, is one of the hundreds of high-fliers buying cabins on maritime firm Storylines’ luxury residential cruise ship, MV Narrative.”

“The liner will go around the world once every three years continuously with stops in ports across the globe.”

After selling her three-bedroom in Buckinghamshire, Mimi plans to work as a mindfulness mentor while cruising through different parts of the world and remaining stress-free from her ordinary life in the UK.

“I want to see the world while working and without ever leaving the comfort of my own home and meet lots of other ambitious people who are looking for a new life of excitement and fun,” she said.

“I am 60 next year and it is time for a re-set. I love my life helping highly successful executives to de-stress their lives and achieve a better work-life balance.”

She added, “But I realized that I needed to do that for myself and embark on an exciting new journey of adventure and discovery.”

So far, Mimi has spent £850,000 from her savings to get hold of one of the luxury residences on MV Narrative. In order to get access to all the fancy onboard facilities, services, and daily meals on the cruise, she will pay £50,000 every year.

According to Daily Mail, “The current cost of running her home and luxury lifestyle with car and up to five holidays a year is £70,000 a year – so Mimi will be £20,000 a year better off living a simpler and more fulfilling life on the liner while still working.”

She said she and her ex-husband parted ways some twenty years ago, and after spending many years alone, she realized that her life needed a significant change.

“I think we have all gone through a big change in the last three years and we have realized that many of us are lucky enough to be able to work from anywhere in the world,” she said.

“In my new life, the crew take care of everything and I get to run my business, see the world and meet other executives who are also looking to have a good time,” Bland continued.

“I cannot wait to set sail on the next phase of my life. I want to carry on working for as long as I can and I will do my mindset mentoring with residents on the ship and also with clients back home who see me online.”

Mimi said after moving from her permanent residence to the cruise; she realized she didn’t want to live in the same place forever.

“We are all living much more flexible lives and I realized I didn’t want to be pinned down to the same property for the rest of my life with ever-rising bills. It is much more fun to take off to the seas.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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  1. This ship was supposed to set sail 4 years ago. It’s still not built. We got tired of waiting, Storylines is a waste of time

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