Woman Shares ‘Slightly Twisted’ Hack that Stops her Boyfriend from Cheating that ‘100 Percent Works’

A woman has shared a ‘slightly twisted’ hack that she believes ‘100 percent works’ to prevent her boyfriend from cheating on her.

Writing for News.com.au, Jana Hocking shared her tried and tested secret that helps her prevent her boyfriend from cheating on her, and it involves a ‘sexy little bra and panties set.’

“It’s Friday night, and I’m planning a heavenly solo night in,” she wrote.

“I’ve got the heater pumped up nice and cozy, I’ve got my favorite candle lit, I’ve got my Netflix picked out, and my Uber Eats delivery is sorted.”

The dating guru continued, “I should be getting into my soft, overworn PJs and popping on a face mask, but instead, I’ve got a sexy little bra and panties set on, and I’m applying perfume liberally.”

According to Hocking, many people think her plan is slightly twisted, but it always works for her – the plan includes her seducing her man with her sexy lingerie while he plans to head out with his friends.

“You see, he’s dropping his car off at my place first and heading out after he says a quick hello,” she penned. “What he doesn’t know is that quick hello is going to turn into a literal quickie.”

“I’m doing this for two reasons. One, because he is ridiculously sexy, and just the sight of him makes me want to drop to my knees … and two, because I’m using a cheating prevention strategy.”

Jana said she stole the hack from ‘the man with no filter, Kyle Sandilands.’

And the hack is to only let your man go outside with his ‘balls empty’; otherwise, there are high chances of him fooling around with other women.

“Here’s a tip – sorry, fellas, I’m going to throw you under the bus, ladies, if your guy goes out a lot, like every Friday with the boys, and you think, ‘Oh, I’m not liking this’, make sure he goes out balls empty,” Kyle Sandilands revealed on his breakfast show, The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“Balls empty means he ain’t going to do anything, he’s not going to look at anyone.”

While his cohost Jackie O Henderson for how long the plan would work, he said, “All night, until the man returns home to his girlfriend.”

The columnist said when she discussed this theory with a male friend, he backed it up and said it actually works.

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Sources: News.com.au – The New York Post

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