Woman Shocked After her Date Accidentally Sent Awkward Text Meant for Mate

You always read that message twice before pressing ‘send.’ Don’t you?

A woman shared her awkward chatting experience with a man she was supposed to meet for a date.

Laurel Douthit, who goes by the name of @yannyyacks on TikTok, shared a video showing her conversation with a guy whose number was saved in her phone as Maybe: Colin.

“Thinking about the time this guy accidentally sent me a screenshot of myself hours before our first date,” the text on her video clip read.

Followers could see that her date “Maybe: Colin” sent her a screenshot of her photo taken from her Instagram, which was meant to be sent to his friend.

After accidentally sending her the screenshot of her photo, Colin instantly realized that he had made a blunder and tried to cover it up. However, he failed miserably.

“Wow, I’m lame,” he wrote in his message.

“My friend asked me what girl I was hanging out with tonight,” he sent another message.

Realizing that he wasn’t making the situation any better, Colin finally gave in and sent another message saying that Laurel could start hating him.

“You can hate me now,” his last message read.

People could also see Laurel laughing with one hand on her face; apparently, she was not only feeling embarrassed about the fiasco but was also amused.

The caption of her viral video clip on TikTok read, “This is only the START lemme tell u.”

The clip received over 3.4 million views on the platform, 254K likes, and more than 1100 comments.

Several people laughed at the LOL situation in the comment section and said it would have been too embarrassing for the Colin guy.

“Hahaha OMG, this must be so awkward given that he was supposed to meet you on the same day,” one wrote.

“Lol. Poor Colin.” Another person said that Colin should have double-checked the name before hitting the send button.

“Like seriously? I always check twice before sending a screenshot to a person fearing the embarrassment that comes if you send the screenshot to the same person you took a screenshot of, lol.” A third person commented.

However, the majority opined that although it was somehow embarrassing for her date to send the screenshot accidentally, it was not a red flag.

“Honestly, this is mega attractive,” said one.

“It’s not really a big deal he was probably just bragging he had a date with a cute girl,” one TikToker wrote.

“He’s just showing you off, lol. It was even a respectful photo,” another chimed in.

“When you legit found out what “this her” pic is,” another TikTok user commented.

To which Laurel responded, “I was too excited to even care that my face wasn’t in it lmaooo.”

A person also asked the woman if she still went out with the guy after the embarrassing text message blunder.

“Haha, that’s rough, but it seems like he was honest about it. Did you still go out with him?”

Surprisingly, Laurel revealed that she went on a date with Colin, and they have been dating for two years.

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Source: TikTok

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