Woman Shoots Husband After Catching Him With Another Woman; Claims ‘He Deserved It’

Love turned lethal….

A woman from Texas named Stephanie Arevalo has been arrested because she shot her husband after finding him with another woman. The police in Bryan took her into custody after she allegedly fired a gun at her husband’s leg. This happened in a neighborhood on Woodbend Drive in Bryan.

According to KBTX, Arevalo also threatened to shoot the woman she found with her husband but didn’t actually do it. Fortunately, the person who got hurt, whose name hasn’t been shared, got treated for the injury, which wasn’t life-threatening, and went home from a nearby hospital.

Police officers later revealed that Arevalo dialed 911 herself and stayed put until they showed up. Allegedly, she admitted to the authorities that her husband deserved the gunshot wound and knew she would land in jail. She was taken to the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office and faced charges of Aggravated Assault/Family Violence with a Deadly Weapon.

After posting bond, Arevalo was released from jail two days later. But she’s not the only woman accused of attacking her cheating husband.

In July 2020, Nicole Denison, a 29-year-old flight attendant for Allegiant Air, was surprised to find her husband having sex with another woman when she came back to her home in Safety Harbor, near Tampa.

According to police records reviewed by The Smoking Gun, Denison reportedly punched her 34-year-old husband in the left eye, resulting in a “black eye.”

They had been married for almost three years. During the argument, Denison scratched her husband’s forehead and left a bruise on his right arm. She got furious and broke his acoustic guitar by smashing it against the wall, making a big hole. Police arrested her for domestic battery, but she was let go the next day. There’s no court date set for Arevalo yet.

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Sources: KBTX

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