Passenger Slammed for being “Inconsiderate” After Draping Long Hair over Back of Plan Seat

A woman attracted massive criticism online after draping her long hair over the back of her plane seat. Her hair was so long that it even covered the tray table of the passenger sitting behind her.

Her hair was almost dunking in the coffee of the woman sitting behind her.

According to The Mirror, “Fellow passenger Julie Christensen was on an Aegean Airlines flight from Athens to Amsterdam on Thursday [29th September] to visit family when the long locks suddenly dropped in front of her.”

“The 32-year-old food blogger boarded the flight and took her seat at 8am and was gobsmacked when a woman sat down in front and ‘immediately’ flung dark hair over the back of the chair.”

Julie Christensen recorded the scene and shared it on her account. The seven-second-long clip went viral on social media with nearly 6 million views on TikTok.

“The joy of traveling,” Julie captioned her video.

In her video, Christensen documented the unseen inconsiderate woman who spread all of her hair on the back of her seat so that it nearly touched Christensen’s coffee that was placed on her tray table.

“I wish this was staged,” Julie wrote on her video as she picked up her glass of coffee.

The blogger noted that her three-hour flight got delayed for two hours, so she spent five hours sitting behind that inconsiderate woman who had zero manners on how to behave on a flight or any other journey with so many people traveling along.

“It was so weird – she started draping her hair over immediately, and she was being very normal about it,” said Julie.

“At first I was really surprised, I thought ‘Oh, we’re doing this?” she added. “I didn’t see her face at all and she didn’t acknowledge me. I just looked at the guy next to me and he laughed.”

Julie said that at one point, she thought to say something to the annoying woman, but then she was too tired to do so, so she just laughed about it.

“Then so much time passed that it felt too late to say something,” she said. “I wasn’t annoyed or anything, because I had so much leg room.

“It was beautiful, gorgeous hair and looked very nice and clean,” Julie laughed.

“I wondered ‘Why would you throw your beautiful clean hair all over this dirty plane’, but I guess it’s up to her. Keep your hair to yourself, that’s my general advice for travelling – especially when you’ve done such a nice job of brushing it!”

Julie’s viral video received many comments, with almost everyone expressing anger and disgust at the woman with no traveling etiquette.

“This would irritate me so much,” one commented.

“Honestly, wondering if it really feel better to drape your hair over the seat?” another said.

“Well if you are bored you can braid her hair,” a third added.

“Just flip it over, no big deal. If she/he got a problem with that, call the flight attendant,” commented another.

“Just ask her politely to move her hair if she doesn’t then revenge,” someone suggested.

“Close the tray,” another advised.

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Sources: TikTokThe Mirror

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  1. I would’ve told her once to remove her hair from my personal space, giving her one chance to comply. If she didn’t remove her hair, then I would’ve dipped her hair in something like tomato juice or something else really nasty that no one would want on their hair. Then I’d have closed and locked my tray table over her hair so her hair would’ve been trapped inside the tray table and locked so she couldn’t remove it by herself. (And BTW, I’m a former flight attendant of 30+ years!)

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