Woman Sparks Debate by Declaring She Refuses to Leave Daughter Alone with A Male Relative

A mom named Aubz, who shares videos on TikTok as @theorganicmami, recently talked about her parenting choices, which some people find controversial. She explained her decisions as a first-time mom, saying she has specific rules for her daughter.

In one of her videos, she listed things she doesn’t want her daughter to do, such as not being forced to finish her food and not being made to kiss or hug relatives.

One notable rule she mentioned is that her daughter won’t have sleepovers, not even with family members. Additionally, she emphasized that her daughter will never be left alone with a male, whether it’s a grandpa, uncle, or cousin.

Aubz acknowledged that some might think her approach is unconventional, but she doesn’t mind being called crazy for the choices she’s making in raising her daughter.

“No sleepovers, not even with family members. And she will never be left alone with a male. I don’t care if you’re the grandparent, the uncle or the cousin,” she said in her video.

Aubz also mentioned that she plans to treat her daughter just like she would treat a son.

“For instance, me letting my son go out late but not my daughter because it’s too dangerous for a woman – I’m just going to treat them both the same,” she added.

She also added that her kids won’t be allowed to keep any secrets from her and her husband.

“Secrets will not be kept from your parents. And if you’re one of those people now saying ‘I’ll give you candy when your mum’s not here, just don’t tell her’, that’s the quickest way to never see us again. She doesn’t have to kiss you, hug you, or sit on your lap just because you asked her to and because you’re a relative and haven’t seen her in a long time,” she continued.

“She doesn’t have to respect you if you don’t also respect her, as a child she still will have opinions and emotions and she is allowed to feel a certain way.”

The content creator mum also intends to homeschool her daughter and explore holistic healthcare methods before resorting to Western medicine.

“We’re not going to do a public school system that makes you sit at a desk for eight hours and not learn anything you really care about,” she said. “I am teaching her to stand up for herself, set boundaries and say no.”


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Aubrey mentions that she is teaching her daughter that she can always come to her and never has to hide anything. Opinions in the comments were split, with some believing that she might be depriving her daughter of childhood memories by not allowing sleepovers.

“no sleep overs is wild, i hate that my mom never let me,” one wrote.

“she will definitely rebel,” a second added.

“don’t agree but not my kid,” a third said.

“She won’t ever be allowed to have sleepovers with her friends? No judgement. Just those were some of my best childhood memories,” someone remarked.

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